CHALLENGE - Walk to Mordor

Gah, I'm so sorry guys!

My life has gone totally topsy turvy recently, and I just can't keep tabs on things.

I'm gonna be AFK a few more weeks from the forum while I get my life back on track,

So please keep a tally of your distances, keep adding them to this post if it helps! When I get back, I'll sort out the spreadsheet with everyones distances.

I'm really sorry about this!

I'm not abandoning you all, I promise. I just really need to get my life back in order before I can continue doing anything. :(


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8 Replies

  • Please don't worry about us - you do what you need to do. I'm doing really badly on the challenge - been difficult time for me too. Really minimal ddistances at the moment. .... Never mind - you take care of yourself. Big hugs.

  • Hi I am not in the challenge but just wanted to say hope you manage to sort out whatever you need to, stay strong and look after yourself. Bev💐💐💐💐💐

  • Take care of yourself Quinntuppance You need to come first.

    Walking to Mordor would never be straightforward in any case.

    So keep myself going, I would just like to record 33.71 miles from two weeks ago, and 25.81 miles last week. Looks like I have fallen prey to a few obstacles too.

  • Totally understand you, because I had something similar going on, and have just returned from AFK ! Happily, I've been logging my distances in a walking app, and will add them here soon. Take all the time you need for sorting your things out, it's a long way before we reach Mordor anyway !

  • You definitely come first. Take care and hope everything works out ok. My distance for this week was 70.19kms.

  • Just leaving you a message for you to pick up on your journeys some time.

    Distance last week, 23.81 miles.

  • Hi. Hope you are doing ok. My distance for this week is 81.9km. Take care.

  • Hi. Hope everything is going ok. Just to let you know my Mordor Challenge stats for this week 86.82 kms. Take care

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