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Doing a mini exercise challenge?

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I was wondering if anyone is doing there own mini exercise challenge? I have decided to do my own Plank challenge for a month to help strengthen my core after recovering from a bout of sciatica. I'm starting with 15 seconds which I can manage now

I'm also looking for a few simple yoga movements if any e can re commend thank you in advance

7 Replies
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I’ve been aiming for 10000 daily steps lately, which seems to go well 😊

I also started doing some planks recently, but didn’t think of setting myself a challenge as such... maybe I should 😊.

Tomorrow is 1st of the month, could be a good time to start 😊

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dish70 in reply to N-o-r-d-i

Yes I am watching my steps but need some strength exercise

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Hi Dish70,

Well done for carefully building up. For even more exercise recommendations, you can also take a look at the HealthUnlocked forum called “Strength and Flex” - they have reviews of many kinds of YouTube exercise videos including yoga etc.

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You could join our Fit is Fun Club, dish70, where you can be with like-minded people. The new thread is due today and will be found in Pinned Posts.

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SewMore in reply to moreless

Good tip - I forgot about that one!

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morelessAdministrator in reply to SewMore

Between us we covered all the bases :)

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Hi, good luck! When I started exersizing regularly last year, I became aware of just how weak my core and left wrist were. I've been exersising 4 times a week for 6 months now and there has been progress but it's been slow (still can't do a full sit up for example). So the plank challenge is a good start but it may be the case of it taking more time and exersize for bigger results. I post in the Fit is Fun Club which helps.

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