Another newbie!

Hi there, just signed up in an effort to get motivated. Have about 4 stone to lose and am so fed up with paying out a fortune to slimming clubs and just seeing my weight go diwn then up again and not getting anywhere in the long term! Back to basics for me, just came across this by accident and hopefully it looks pretty straight forward. We shall see but have everything crossed that I can manage this within a busy life! Bring on week 1!! ☺👍


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  • Hi Allybally68,

    Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. The NHS 12 week plan is definitely straight forward and easy to follow, so I hope you'll enjoy your weeks, and that you find your way around the forum ok. The Welcome Newbie post is good - full of motivating posts from past and current members, and it's in the Pinned posts area (right-hand-side of the homepage, or at the bottom if you're accessing via a mobile device). There are also lots of other posts there which are Challenges going on, and so join anything you like the look of.

    On Mondays we have the Monday group weigh-in, and that's going on today! So if you want to check it out, look for the latest thread in the Events section (below the Pinned posts) - the thread is posted by myself and by moreless on alternate weeks, and it's well attended and a supportive and friendly group. You'd be very welcome to join us if you want to.

    We have Weight loss badges, for inspiration and motivation, and the first is for 7lbs, so do ask us if you'd like one when the time comes! :-)

    Wishing you a great week ahead!

    All the best with your weight loss goals.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks very much! Will check those things out. ☺

  • Hi Ally I've also got 4 stone to lose and just joined.

  • Hiya, good to know someone is in the same boat as me. Have joined and rejoined so many slimming clubs and just seem to go round and round. Found this and really think it's great for me to go right back to basics. I eat mindlessly and people say I carry my weight well it doesn't help my cause. My joints are getting sore and I don't want to be old before my time! Don't have time to faff with top much working out and these apps seem really easy to use. Let me know how you're getting on ☺

  • someone who is of the same mindset,hurray,it feels like u read my mind with the slimmming club n bk to basics stuff,here's hoping this works,need to lose 4 stone,(5 would be better) just off to have mushrooms on toast for brekkie,then do half hr on bike!

  • Yes, I know they work for some folk, my Mum just lost 3 stone this year with SW and is at target but my husband and I relocated and I just didn't gel with my nearest class and was just paying a fiver a week to get weighed basically. Have tried all the different clubs to be honest but can't help feeling I'm being exploited for needing to lose weight!! I could probably lose 5 stone too tho I have never been that slim in my adult life. I know what I need to do but I need it to be simple and I need the motivation, haven't got time to work out Syns and points etc and the trouble is I just eat too much if I can eat unlimited amounts of stuff lol! Even starting to look at calories yesterday I was shocked and it's no wonder Ive put on weight! I want to do the couch to 5k thing too tho got sore knees the last time. Anyway, good luck with your first week! I'm with you 😉 🖒☺

  • thank you,with u too,I used to run n lost nearly 4 stone,then let it slip with my eating thinking I would Be fine as still running,then got injured,not ran since Jan this yr,had op on ankle in June,just started doing a couple of mile ,3 times a wk,n feel this is the right time,in the right place mentally,know exactly what you mean about sw,unrestricted means loads ,too much,will see how this goes,good luck

  • I came across this site by accident desperately searching for help weight loss I to yoyo but this site has been amazing support encourgment I've lost 35lb started c25k last week and feel so well good luck keep focused the weight will soon come off 😀😀

  • Thanks so much for your words of encouragement, want so much to sort this, it's taking up to much time and stress worrying about it! ☺

  • Hi there! :)

    Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll like it here. :)

    Good luck!!

    Sazkia ♥

  • Thank you 😊it's so helpful to read everyones posts! ☺

  • Morning Ally, welcome to the forum!

    Like you I also have four stone to lose (actually 5!) but getting there slowly and surely! Everyone is a friendly bunch and I've enjoyed the support and company throughout my weight loss so far. I've been on the site about two weeks and it's great :)

    A lot of people I have noticed are following the NHS 12 week plan to help with calorie counting. I'm using the my fitness pal app, and worked out my recommended calorie intake and bmi on the NHS website. I've also just started couch to 5 k, just completed week one. There is another forum for that with more information on it.

    Good luck, and to begin ... Begin :)

    Emily x

  • Thanks so much Emily, yep I think so. Ive probably lost twice my entire body weight over the years and put it back on lol! I just need the motivation and the will power and most of all to believe I can do it! I did the couch to 5k thing a few years ago and loved it but got sore knees. I see there are exercises to do on the app here for strengthening knee muscles which I probably need to do first. Have also started a pilates class. Baby steps but once I see my weight start to go down I think I'll be fine. I found this just at the right moment for me as I was just so fed up and disillusioned with the whole dieting thing. ☺x

  • Oh you're telling me. Notoriously I've been a bit of a yo yo dieter, I seem to get to 10lb, get stuck and then put it back on! But this time I'm really trying. Ive managed to lose nearly three stone since having my two daughters and it's stayed off, so this has really given me a kick up the backside to get some more weight off and try and get rid of a bit of that mum tum I've been left with! Knee exercises sound like a great idea. There's no point going back into something if you know it's going to cause damage. Good luck with the Pilates, it will be great for building strength and also good for your own mind I've heard. We all get disillusioned from time to time but I say it all the time, this is a marathon and not a sprint and we must think about the long term gain (and hopefully loss!)

    Monday weigh ins are giving me an extra push, as it's something to work towards each week, or however often you choose to weigh. Hope to see you around, you're not on your own xx

  • Hi Allybally68. You have come to the right place for sure. I really believe it's a lifestyle change and attitude towards food that is needed and the 12 week plan is great to help you achieve that. This forum is so fantastic for support and motivation. Hope you are able to join in with the Monday weigh in as I am sure you will find it helpful too. Best of luck to you :)

  • Thanks very much, I already like it here, it so helps to know other folk are or have been in the same place. The hardest thing for me is believing I can actually do it, I've come closed before then thrown in the towel at the last hurdle. Anyway, I am feeling really positive just now so I will make the most of the wave of motivation that I have just now and get back on the wagon!

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