I thought losing weight was supposed to be good for you!

I'm on week 10 and I've lost 1 st 6 lb plus another half a stone before I started the plan. Mid May I was 17 st 5lb and now I'm 15 st 6 lb. I'm eating more healthily than ever before and exercising regularly.

I've just been to the doctors because my migraines have been more frequent than normal and I'm bleeding between periods, in spite of being on hormone tablets. She took my blood pressure and it was really high. My blood pressure has always been fine in the past. Is weight loss supposed to do this? Had blood tests today and referred for a scan but she's talking about beta-blockers to bring it down.

Not feeling very motivated today!


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  • Hi Finberry,

    So sorry to hear about your high blood pressure. You have made such fantastic progress with your weight loss and also the healthy changes you have made to your lifestyle and I am sure this has made a positive difference to the way you feel and also your health so well done. Sometimes I think we have problems with our health despite our best efforts (for me it is my eyesight) and no matter what we do, there are some things we just can't change. It is hard to appreciate that your blood pressure may have been much worse if you hadn't lost so much weight because you will never know what it would have been, but I bet that you would have felt much worse about it if you were still carrying that extra 1 1/2 stone around with you! I hope you are feeling much better soon, migraines are just plain awful, and keep going with your healthy lifestyle. It is so easy to get down-hearted when we hear bad news about our health and I could easily have turned to the chocs and biscuits myself this week, but have somehow managed to resist so far and I am so glad I have because it gives me something positive to focus on. Maybe a 1 stone badge from moreless or lowcal would perk you up a bit? Onwards and downwards x

  • Might be worth having a look at what you are eating now and trying to see whether anything 'new' is a recognised trigger for migraines? Just a thought. I definitely think losing weight can only be good for your BP (it has been for mine and also my cholesterol levels!) - my GP had muttered about statins to me (I told her quite nicely no).

  • We're not really eating anything new that I can think of. We're eating a lot more fruit and veg and smaller portion sizes but we've always cooked from fresh because I have a food allergy that is in many pre-made foods. I did find out this morning that chocolate is not actually a migraine trigger but rather that a symptom of a coming migraine is craving for chocolate. This time though, I had resisted the cravings.

  • I am sorry to hear you are having health issues but I think it is a huge leap to conclude that losing weight caused them...these things may have happened regardless. I've noticed since losing weight that my overall health has improved, that my periods have become more regular and my moods have become more stable.

    You might have found that these health issues would be loads worse if you had not lost weight, who is to know? I think if anyone is obese there's not going to be any harm in losing some weight and getting fitter. This life style can lower the odds of diseases etc but it is no guarantee!

  • HI Finnberry,

    I found this article which was about blood pressure and dieting, but not really sure how useful that is to your query:


    But you might find it interesting to read.

    There are many health benefits to losing weight overall, and hopefully your GP is pleased that you've managed to lose weight - and hopefully they can successfully treat your blood pressure.

    I hope you're feeling a bit better.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Have you kept your doctor up to date about your weight loss? You may need your hormone tablets adjusting to a lower dose to take this into account. Are you having 45g protein, <130g low Gi carbohydrate with the balance of intake from natural fat per day?

  • No, I rarely see my doctor. I didn't even think to mention it yesterday. I never thought about my weight loss affecting hormones. Thanks. I'll talk to her about it when I'm there next week.

  • I would really strongly suggest getting your blood pressure rechecked. I've had high blood pressure readings just because of something stressful going on, or white coat syndrome, all sorts of things can affect it. I agree speak more to your doc about what you're doing re changing diet, increasing exercise, weights, etc. I'm sure there will be some kind of explanation. Good luck :)

  • I get migraines regularly, and I am on mini pill. I used to think it was chocolate but I actually think it's not enough to magneisuim in my diet and I need to drink lots more water. I don't drink neRly enough. My problem is I think of everyone else in my family and put myself last. For eg I come downstairs and say right get a glass of wTer, then one of my children cry out for me, by the time I have a glass it's hours later.

    Keep up the weight loss well done. It has to be good for your body to weigh less.

  • Finnberry, just reading this old post and wondering if your migraines have cleared up much or what happened with the blood pressure / pill situation. I have lost 1.5 stones now and my migraines have increased dramatically with similar SE to you.

    There is no food im eating more of or newly that I can think of. I havent had my BP checked but its always been completely normal..

    Interested in how your migraine journey has progressed!

  • They've stayed pretty much the same over recent months. I think the most likely explanation is that the weight loss affected my hormone balance and that affected my migraines. I've got several known triggers but hormones are right up there. Another trigger is too much light. It doesn't matter whether it's sunlight or computer glare. So I've now got 'SS Overlay' installed on all my home and work computers and that has helped a lot.

  • I'm thinking I may be similar! Propranalol worked for 5 months of joy but as soon as i lost weight the migraines bounced back. Light isn't really a big trigger for me, intense sunlight for extended times maybe. I'm trying magnesium oxide and Q10 at the mo, just begun those. Have u tried these?

  • No, I haven't tried anything to prevent them. I take Sumatriptan if I can catch it right at the beginning but I don't think it really helps.

    I've had migraines since I was 13 but they have changed recently. I used to get 20 mins of visual disturbance and then a severe headache. Now I get lots of other neurological symptoms, sometimes for several days beforehand but I don't get the headache as bad.

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