Old Photo And New Goal

Old Photo And New Goal

I thought I had found a photo of me at my heaviest weight, I was wrong, this is definitely me at my heaviest. It was taken on my son's 5th Birthday and he will be 10 in a couple of days.

I was 13st 11lbs then and my son had just started at infant school, 5 long years ago.

I was 12st 6.5lbs when I first joined this forum in June 2015.

I am now 9st 11lbs and looking at finding a sensible maintain weight. My body says 9st 10lbs, I would have liked to get to my 3stone milestone to put me at 9st 6.5lbs.

I have been trying to strike the right calorie balance in the last few weeks as I have previous attained 9st 8.5lbs.

So I've decided to set myself a maximum deadline of 24th December 2016 to get to my goal at a slower pace of a weekly loss of 0.5lbs a week and whatever I am by then is what I'll aim to maintain within a 2lb range of.

The photo is here as a reminder for those gain weeks, if I'd been able to tell that me what I'd go on to achieve I would not have believed it.πŸ˜„πŸ™€


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  • Very well done 😊 πŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸŽˆπŸ˜Š. You have done really well 😊

    I think you will know when you are at the 'right' weight for you 😊 Very best wishes

  • Wow, well done! Maintenance is very difficult and good luck with finding the right balance

  • Maintence can be tough, I don't seem to get lower than 10st 4.5, which is fine, at 54, and 5'4, I'm ok with it, depending on your height, and age, maybe your maintence is w bit higher than you desire. I also think we have a weight our bodies set at

  • I Add I try to maintain up to 10st 6

  • Hi Dr Who, I'm also trying to hit the right maintaining weight. Currently at 9st13 and hoping to reach 9st8. I've also hit that weight once while maintaining but I think it was more to do with a bug I had than actual weight lost. I also find it difficult to look at photos of my starting point. The highest weight I recorded on the scales was 12st4 but I wasn't always weighing myself so it may have been higher. I think after reaching this point it's just tweaking, just a matter of a few lbs. You've come such a long way :)

  • You've done brilliantly well! My heaviest ever was 11st 9lb, I'm now 10 stone. I'm aiming for 9st 10lb and maintain, but I think we have to listen to our bodies and see how we feel. The scales only give us a number, you will know when you feel right and happy and healthy.

  • I do think you are right, you can't make yourself miserable either

  • Thanks for braving it out with the photo - always good to remind ourselves where we have come from. but also inspire us to hang on in there. Great post;-)

  • Well done

  • You are unrecogniseable would never have said that was you

  • I feel the same way as Prin! I can't equate that picture with you! What a transformation, doctorwho! Well done you! :)

    Good luck with those last few pounds, and/or maintainance, whichever you decide on :)

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