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Day 4

Today has been ok till dinner time :( k had decided to have lasagna( low fat and not sure if spelt correctly) with salad, got home to find there were no tomatoes!!!! Lol I was gutted, so had it with lettuce, cucumber and red onion, I ate it but didn't enjoy it. Had another low fat uncle bens lunch pot, the tikka one....blimey it was spicy

High light of my day was my porridge and banana this morning. Sad I know.

Glad it's Friday tomorrow, gutted though I've seen its heavy rain on Saturday, will be doing the long walk on Sunday then. Feeling good and I'm feeling better not having any fizzy and sleeping better too X

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Hi Kathy,

I can also feel a bit gutted if I discover there are not tomatoes too - I love tomatoes, and just lately I've been roasting them in the oven alongside my other veg, and I absolutely love the taste! So I completely empathise with your discovery that you didn't have any - when you were looking forward to having them.

I also love porridge, and so breakfast is also a highlight of my day too. I don't think that's sad at all. :-)

Yes, it's so great that it's getting closer to the weekend - you have got some great plans for a long walk on Sunday - I hope the rain will stay away - but I can see you've seen a forecast for rain - so let's hope it isn't too bad.

Glad you're sleeping better, and wishing you a great Friday and weekend.

Lowcal :-)

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Well done on a successful week 😊 I know how you feel when you are looking forward to something and find you have run out!! 😕 Grrr. But well done on not over eating in spite of this 😊

Have a good weekend 😊 Wholst it's raining is a perfect time to plan next weeks meals and shopping 😊

Good luck 😊


The positive thing is that you were strong and didn't order take away junk! Well done you for being so motivated! :)


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