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Hi I've lost 4.5st in a year by sticking to 1900 calories a day, but the last 3 months in have stayed the same, I do have the added complication of having crohns and colitis so have been on steroids for over 14 months and various other drugs which can lead to water retention too. I haven't given up but it's disheartening sticking to my limit fit so long now and not losing! Will it kick in again or have i got to lower the calories? Have any of you experienced this?

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Hi cannockwolf

Well done on losing 4.5 stone in a year, that's good going! 👍👍

I don't have your particular health problems so can't answer that particular bit, sorry.

What I have found is that as I lost weight the recommendations for my daily calorie limit changed. Have you used the BMI tool on this forum to work out how many calories you should be having now, at your current weight? It could well help 😀 If you are able to exercise, perhaps try increasing the intensity and frequency.

The only other thing I would add, if you have really plateaued, is to give your metabolism a shock. When this has happened to me, I have had a really big calorie laden meal, then dropped straight back into healthy eating the next day. This has kick started the weight loss again.

Other folk on here may have other suggestions. Good luck 🍀🍀

Mouse 🐭


Like Anon-E-Mouse I think that if you have lost 4.5 stone already, you are probably now so light that you calorie allowance is smaller too. The smaller we get, the fewer calories our bodies need.

Well done on your weigh loss so far. You have done really well. Don't give up.


wow, that's incredible. You should be so pleased with yourself. Never lose sight of your achievements. I think the other ladies are right, re check your BMI and I m sure you l find that your calorie allowance has reduced.

good luck on your journey 😊 🍀 🍀 🍀 🍀


Wow , you have lost all that and been on steroids . I think that deserves some sort of fanfare !

I agree with the other posts , sometimes a day of indulgence does help , then a new calculation of your calorie needs

But don't be disheartened . I think you are pretty amazing


Many congrats for losing 4.5st cannockwolf, that's a terrific achievement! :)

I am not an expert in your medical conditions, nor medically qualified, but my thoughts are that you probably haven't been eating enough calories for the past year and your body is now conserving energy. I don't know how overweight you were in the beginning, but I do know that as a 59yr old, 5ft 6", female, with a BMI of 29.8, I can still have up to 2200 calories/day.

I suggest you check your calorie allowance on the BMI calculator and adjust accordingly. Here's why :)


All the best! :)

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That's amazing! Well done! :D All I can think of is check your recommended calorie allowance to make sure you're consuming the right amount of calories. If it's not the calories then try to kick-start your metabolism into action. This can be done by have a large high cal meal then going straight back to healthy eating again. Other than these things I don't know what else to advice. Good luck and once again well done! :D

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Wow to lose that weight on steroids too and all your other health issues is fantastic, so a massive pat on the back and round of applause first, well done!! I have had to take steroids before for my arthritis when trying to conceive as I wasn't allowed my meds and I know how much harder it makes it.

I read an article which stated after losing weight for a while your body slows your metabolism in order to regain the fat stores you have lost, therefore requiring you to either eat less (as your daily calorie allowance goes down) or up the exercise if possible. As others have said though check your calorie allowance for your current weight, I know how frustrating it is but try shaking things up a bit and I'm sure it will start coming off again :)

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Hello, I think you do need to lower your calroies to start losing again. Try 1500 calories a day.

The other possibility is that you might be inadvertently eating more calories than you think, eg by estimating portions rather than weighing. This i something that can affect people part-way through a diet. We feel more confident in our judgement and take short cuts, whereas beginners can be very conscientious.

Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the replies and support! It has been hard going being on steroids, ;) I'll try that calculator and see, I'm 6'6" and now 300lb when i first did the calculator it told me I could have 2500 calories which i thought was too much so i went for the NHS guide of 1900 which did work, I use an app for calorie counting and I am quite accurate, a bit obsessive even if I cheat a little it goes in the diary, exercise can be a problem with my condition but when I get it under control in your to start going on walks, cheers


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