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Hi I have an under active thyroid and am on thyroxine, I've many symptoms but the constant weight gain is hard to take. I live the gym but with my aching joints now find it hard to go as regularly as I did. My diet is good as I can't tolerate fatty foods. Can anyone recommend the right type of excercise to lose any weight. It's so hard when you do everything right and see no results.

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Hi Denzil2506,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NhS forum. I know you exercise in the gym quite a bit, but there are some good resources in the NHS Choices website which are exercises you can try at home, if you want a change, and I did a post a couple of months ago with some links to some of those resources, but you can have a better look around and find what suits you best:


Also, do read our Welcome Newbie post - as it is inspiring on the weight loss side of things, and you might want to join in with other things in the forum, after reading with other members think about the forum, and what's helped them on their weight loss journeys. Personally, I would recommend the NHS 12 week plan, as I've found it really helpful and a great structure.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


You shouldn't be continuing to gain weight and have so many symptoms if your thyroid function is as it should be,

If the problem is just your thyroxine level then you should expect to be stabilised within a year of starting on thyroxine....definitely more than 6 months or so.

I went for many years with symptoms as the NHS generally only tests T4 and TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) and NHS doctors aren't trained in even basic nutrition. I had symptoms when my blood test results came back normal.

Any thyroid treatment needs to be supported by excellent nutrition

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Agree with GosportNancy 😊 Good nutrition is a complex science, do some reading, and look at your diet. 😕

If you are still gaining weight as well as other health issues ask to see a dietician.

Good luck


Hi Denzil2506. I too have an underachieve thyroid and take 125mg of thyroxine daily. I have struggled for many years to lose weight and keep it off. Cant put it all down to the thyroid issue but it definitely hasn't helped. I have recently managed to lose just under 2 stone (although put a bit back on after a 2 week holiday in the USA and now getting back on track to get back to maintenance level again). I put it down to 2 things 1) this forum and 2) taking my thyroid meds first thing in the morning at least half an hour before eating breakfast. I was doing some internet research and came across this study that had found that taking thyroid meds before eating gives them a much better chance of entering you body and being more effective. I previously would have taken them about an hour after breakfast. I can't say if there is a direct link but something has definitely changed for me as I lost the weight in about 5 months and before the holiday was maintaining for about 6 weeks without too much trouble. I did check with my pharmacist and he agreed that this was the best way to take medication (don't know why I wasn't told before) and maybe if you are not already taking them before breakfast check with your Doctor or pharmacist too. Just wanted to let you know that it is something you could look into that may help you :)

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I think that you might need your thyroxine adjusted, as the correct dose should mean that your thyroid function is restored to what is should be, and therefore you shouldn't be putting weight on - unless you are eating too much, of course.

Perhaps worth asking the doctor about this?

The best weight losing exercise is all the aerobic stuff - walking, running, rowing, swimming, step, cross trainer, aerobic classes etc. all the stuff that makes you puff and pant a bit.

But it's worth remembering that exercise will only do a little to actually shift weight. 90% of weight loss is about your diet and getting your portion size and the things you eat right. Then regular exercise (5 days out of 7 for 45 mins - 1 hour a session) will give you that extra 10%.

Plus, of course, exercise is very good for your health generally and will help you firm up, which is always worth having.

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