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Welcome bk healthunlocked it been a while

Well I can't remember the last time and in here and it shows as I have piled on the weight again which goes to show summer holiday is my enemy I think the hardest thing for me to start to give up again is the booze I love my ciders at the end of the night it's gonna be awkward to get bk into swing of things since I was last on here lots has changed my daughter got diagnosed with type1 Diabites and my husband lost his vision in his right eye so I have been a full time carer. For the pair of them so it's gonna take some doing to get bk in habit any tips to get bk into swing of it

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Try making changes a bit at a time. Weight loss won't be quick but it'll be steady and stay off. Booze is a pain I just have a couple at weekends now and swapped cider for wine as less calories. Then some mates water theirs down to become spritzer so less alcohol. Also sometimes I ask myself do i really fancy a drink or is it just habit or cos hubby is & head up I'll say nope get me a Diet Coke! So see if you really fancy that drink or ? You'll probably be surprised. Remember you have a lot going on there is no such thing as failure just attempts that falter but you will get there.


HI Emma-and,

I'm just dashing off, but I spotted your post and wanted to say Welcome back!!! It's lovely to see you here again, and I can see that a lot has happened in your life since you were last here - I would like to wish you success with your current goals, and hope you have a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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