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I was just wondering if anyone has seen a dietician recently to help with loosing weight?

I went a few years ago, I only had an Overactive Thyroid then and there wasn't really a need to do a specific diet and stuck to the one given on the eatwell plate and British Heart Foundation booklet.

In the last few months, I've been diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaries and Fatty Liver disease and need a more specific diet plan and was wondering if it was worth trying to get a referral back to the dietician to get that?

Any thoughts or advice please?


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9 Replies

  • From what I understand a general 'healthy' diet is still recommended for both those problems, and I follow one set by a dietician last year which is very similar to the BHF one 😊

    There was also a TV programme on to about this, where they tried 6 different ways of reducing fat around your abdominal organs, smaller portions was the most effective 😊

  • If you can it might be better for you as they can give you the up to date and the right information to help you succeed good luck

  • Hi, I've been reading back through all your posts and it appears you have multiple health issues. I really do think a consultation with you GP would be most appropriate at this stage. Personally I'd want to see a professional rather rely on a open forum for advice on what appears to be multiple and complex problems.

  • I wasn't asking for diet advice..i was asking whether it was worth going to a dietitian again or if they would just give me the same info i've had before.

  • Thanks for your replies. i've got a GP appointment on the 19th so i'm gonna speak to her about a referral to a dietitian then.

  • That sounds like a good way forward I hope you don't have to wait too long for an appointment with the dietitian.

  • Thank you Jenyfer

  • Dieticians can vary a lot in what they know, how recently they qualified etc. If you find you get the same advice as before, you may need to do some of your own research. Having PCOS often means that your body is having trouble coping with your glucose/ insulin levels.

    Good luck with your appointment.

  • Thank you...when I found out I had PCOS, my doctor said she was referring me to the gynaecologist but when I rang up after about 4 weeks as I'd heard nothing it apparently says on my notes that I maybe need a referral to the gynaecologists. I had my bloods done last Friday to check my Prolactin & Testosterone levels so maybe she will mention it during my appointment if not then I will.

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