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Help im teetering on the edge about to fall off !!!

I have just come back from a long weekend in Lincoln, I didn't count calories when I was there and to be honest ate everything I wanted.

Problem is I'm finding it so hard to get back to my diet now that I'm back.

The last two days I've started well then failed, the last time I felt like this I sent a message to you and it helped, I had so many messages and encouragement that I soon got back on track.

I really want to win this battle I was doing so well before and want to get that good feeling again, you know that feeling when you have got the better of your junk food devil and turned him into a diet angel as another dieter suggested I should do.

Think I've rambled on for long enough now

Good luck to you all x

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Hi, pleased you had a good city break! Did you food shop when you returned? Make sure you only buy the stuff you were eating before you went away, if highly calorific stuff is not in the house you can't eat it. Kick start your day with a nourishing bowl of porridge and berries to ward of hunger pangs till lunch time. Go for a brisk walk, plan your meals, basically get back in the zone. You can do it! Good luck!


Having a long weekend off the diet isn't a problem itself -- even if you've put a few pounds on, they'll soon go. It's just difficult getting back into the routine when you've relaxed it for a few days.

I'd make sure to have some really tasty low calorie foods for a few days to stop your taste buds feeling deprived. Whatever junk food you're craving, make yourself a healthy version of it. It will probably taste better (just make sure to get the spices and garnishes right). I like spicy foods, and I eat meat, so I'd make a big yogurt-based chicken curry bulked out with onions (tons of food, loads of taste, low calorie) and eat a generous portion.

If you're strict with yourself for a couple of days, you'll get your dieting equilibrium back and it'll be back as it was before you went away.

You can do it :)


If you log all your food normally could you go back to your pre-weekend away log and try to redo some of your best days? Maybe find days where you were within your calorie allowance but you remember really enjoying the meal you cooked or you felt really nice and full afterwards? It means you know it'll work (hopefully!)

After a week or so back on track you'll be fine, I'm sure. It seems so unfair that the bad habits are the hardest to beat and the easiest to pick up! Good luck :)

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Come on you can do it!!! Log everything and make it accountable. Try to swap high calorie foods for lower calorie ones so that you can feel like you are eating more. Its good you had a weekend away but if you want to win the battle, as you say, you need to focus and find your motivation again. Be strong - you can do it if you put your mind to it. Best of luck :)

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Good luck! I am sure you can get back into your former routine. You know you can always turn to this forum for support.

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Thank you all so much for your support I've had a good day today and your messages kept coming to keep me focused thanks again x


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