I need you all

I read sugar plum's post yesterday which starts with 'i haven't posted since the beginning of May' ... It could have been me writing it. I've put back on 4kg in just 3 months and I disappeared from here. I have excuses but they are just excuses.

Yesterday I decided enough is enough, I need to start again. So, I went right out - and ate a load of biscuits!!

Truth be told I can't do this alone. I need your support. I'm going to start with weighing and measuring myself and completing MFP on Monday (Aug 1st - a new start !).

All suport very welcome. I want to lose 13kg which would take me down to 57.5kg.


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8 Replies

  • Hi, well you know you've come to the right place for support having been here before! You already know what to do, weigh everthing, record everything, get active, drink lots of water. Why wait till Monday to use MFP that's another week end, that's putting it off. No time like the present! Get started right now, start recording your calories today, go for a walk, think healthy! Good luck, you can do it!

  • Welcome back :)

    The first hardest step is done. I agree, you are starting now, start now :) (but I am sure that even if you are saying you will start from the 1st of August your mind is already in a good place :) )

    I am fairly new here, but not new to losing and gaining kilos (many kilos). at the beginning of last week I had to get rid of 16 Kg. to get back to boarder line normal. I really think this forum is helping for all I read, but I am too new to say... all I can say is: we must try our best and good luck :)

  • Hi Ceriandblue. I like your honesty, that your excuses are just excuses. I have a bag full of excuses, one for any given day/time/event/weather etc. You realise you need to do something and that's a great start. For me, it's about being mindful about what I'm eating it. Am I hungry or just looking to fill time? I agree with Caz28, to record everything you have. Wishing you well on your journey.

  • I agree with Caz28: no time like the present to get started!

    You can do it.

  • Welcome back. We will all be supporting you as you lose those 13 kg. We can do this :-) I agree with Caz - don't put if off til Monday. You know what to do - just do it. Weekends can be difficult because of lack of structure and social gatherings getting in the way, but they also usually leave us with a little extra time for some exercise and healthy cooking - and planning ahead.

  • Agree with all the above! One day at a time, and write everything down that you consume - we've all been there and we all agree that the support on this forum is invaluable. You can do this!!!!

  • Good luck Ceriandblue . We are all on the same journey & together we can make it. I was looking at my own weight issues last night & have worked out that over the last 10 years I have lost almost 20 kg but then put back on & repeated lost 12 kg. This time I've set myself a more realistic target ( about 3.5kg to go) but to maintain the lost for at least 6 months before trying to lose the final bit to get a healthy BMI,

    Good luck xxx

  • Welcome Ceri - all the best on your journey. You are in excellent company. This is such a supportive forum. I run a couple of challenges - one that is weight related (Autumn Equinox) and one that is exercise related (Kilometre Zero). You can join my challenges at any time - you'll see the recent threads in the 'Pinned Posts'.


    :) :) :)

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