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Hi I'm new here & looking for advice so here's a bit about me I'm 58 years young & need to lose 3 stone trouble is I'm diabetic & have kidney failure so therefore need dialysis 3 times a week.

I originally weighed 17.5 stone & slimed down to 12 but after heart surgery & contracting the above my weight went to fifteen stone I am no longer able to follow my original diet ( which by the way was weight watchers ) im lost due to so many dont eat that. Any suggestions please Desperate

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Ludds I want to just encourage you to keep trying to put your best foot forward. You list a number of really serious medical conditions. I was encouraged particularly by your words of '58 years young' which show you are a 'glass half full' type of person.

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Welcome. And don't be desperate, you have come to the right place for support. I suggest you have a look at the welcome newbies post healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh... which has a collection of all the things you need to know to get started on your weight loss. And then perhaps we will see you at our Monday group weigh-in?

With all the serious medical conditions you mention I also want to encourage you to discuss your dieting plans with your health care professional.


Good morning Ludds!

You will get a proper welcome from one of lovely fab 4 leaders soon telling you all about the various challenges, weigh ins and other challenges going on here.

I think the nhs 12 week plan is very good and I use the free myfitnesspal ap to log calories. Good luck with getting fitter.

Being a part of this forum is very inspiring and supportive too, so keep reading and writing here.

You can do it!!!


Hi Ludds.

Good luck with your progress I'm new on here too. My husband also has CKD though is maintaining well without dialysis so far - Fingers crossed. I wish you every success with your progress and hope you stay well. Diane Xx


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