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Oh yay

GottodothisHealthy BMI

Hi Everyone,

Just come back from a shopping spree for outfit for a wedding bought 2 dresses in the sales, totally different from what I would normally buy. Next size 10 and Debenhams size 2, both fitted. Can't believe last October I was a size 16/18 amazed.

Good luck to all


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Yey Gottodothis 👗👠 bet you feel on top of the world !!! Well done 😀


We need photos!!! 😊😊😊

Oooh yes !




Mollydex4 stone

Wow , that's inspiring . GLad you had such a successful shopping spree . Bet you will look fantastic at that wedding .

Well done Wendy. Lovely to hear your fantastic weight loss. I think you are going to have to have another shopping spree to replace all the clothes you have grown out of. Xx

Its amazing to fit into smaller clothes - just shows you how far you have come. I actually got into a size 10 trousers the other day although they were a bit snug round the bottom but I was always a tight fitting 14. How lucky you have a wedding to go to? Good you got your dresses in the sale too :)

Itsbab4 stone

OMG well done you! 👍 you are going to look amazing wearing your new smaller size dress👗 Now will you outshine the bride? Maybe 💖


Fantastic! It's a great feeling when you find lovely clothes that look good on you x

That must be the most amazing feeling. Well I'm off to Bootcamp now and your testimony has made me want to skip off to Bootcamp. 😊

GottodothisHealthy BMI

FizzyLiz could you connect my 2 photos together please. Thanks

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