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GRRR... Need to get my act together!

Hello ladies and gents.. rant alert! I was doing soo well this week and I did have a peek at the scales on Friday and I had lost a kilo since last week. Now Saturday was my daughter's bday and I did have cake and a hot dog .. and even a slice of pizza. So today i need to stick to salads to limit damage and see some sort of a loss tomorrow!! So glad there is a weigh in every Monday - keeps me on my toes!! End of rant!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend :) .

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I know how you feel Sharonalex, I'm in a similar place myself! :o

Yep, the weigh-in is all about accountability and it looks as if we're going to have to do just that tomorrow! Come on damage limitation, be kind! :)

We can do this! :)


Whilst we are all confessing all - I did have that problem with a slice or two of freshly baked Banana Loaf (well I couldn't throw away those bananas) on Friday.....hopefully was better yesterday so hoping tomorrow will show a good loss despite that little temptation that screwed up my calories for that day...


Ooh fresh baked banana loaf - no one could resist that. I guess it is a little healthy though as it has bananas in it! If that was your treat for the week then I am sure you won't have done too much damage :)


Hi Sharon alex

It's good to have a rant it helps.

Good luck for tomorrow.


Good luck everyone for tomorrow's weigh-in. I found Friday evening my most tough and challenging time, and I definitely overate a bit there - and Saturday was variable, but thankfully I'm back on track today!

Let's hope we have a great weigh-in tomorrow - good luck everyone!

Lowcal :-)

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