West Texas Woman

West Texas Woman

Hi, I've lived in Amarillo, Texas all my life. I live on a hobby farm. My mom, grown kids and grandkids live here too. We all have our own houses.

I have three horses, dogs, cats, bunnies, a peacock and and old goose. I've been a widow for over 22 years and have earned a masters of education in technology.

I've been rough on this body and I'm not afraid to work or get dirty. I'm taking off this summer to care for my mom, tune up three horses and get some chores done.

I would like to loose 20lbs by August. This sounds like a great place to get started and receive tips and support to make it enjoyable.

So, I'm ready to meet you all and get started.


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12 Replies

  • Hello eagleeye5 and welcome to the forum.

    You have come to the right place to help you lose weight and you will find the other forum members here very supportive and inspirational too.

    Admin will be sending you a welcome message with links etc to help get you started.

    That is a lovely photograph by the way and you are looking to shed 20lbs by August?

    By following the 12 week plan it is possible to lose over 2lbs a week but generally speaking 1-2lbs a week is normal. This is not a fad diet designed to lose weight quickly it is more a change of lifestyle and how you relate to food.

    The best thing I found was to start a food diary from day one and write down everything that I consumed, including sauces, butter for cooking, drinks etc. I cut out bread, pasta, rice and potatoes, (I am gradually re-introducing them but limited amounts), no sugar in drinks and no foods with added sugar.

    I cut down on alcohol dramatically and no fizzy pop either.

    Processed foods and ready meals also a no no it is best to cook from fresh so you know what is going into them.

    Check your BMI to see what guidelines they give you for your daily calorie intake but I would also check your Base metabolic Rate which shows how many calories you need just to exist without any exercise. I took this figure which in my case was around 1900 calories, and deducted 400-500 calories to give me my daily calorie intake so I aimed for between 1400-1600 calories a day. I lost on average 2lbs a week for the past 20 weeks, as I get nearer to my target weight the loss slows down and I have to adjust my daily calories. I am male, six foot tall and started at 250lbs in January. I am now 208lbs and 7 inches less around the waist :-)

    The 12 week plan works, this forum works, it comes down to how much you want to improve your health and well being so that you keep the momentum going until you reach and maintain your desired level.

    Good luck!! John

  • Hi Eageleye5,

    Welcome! I've responded to you in the Monday group weigh-in session, and really glad you found your way there, and joined in already. Do check out the Pinned posts area - top right-hand-side of the homepage as there are more posts there which are worth a read, and maybe join in a Challenge or two, if you want to. I can see that you've already been given the link to the Welcome Newbie thread, which is definitely worth a read!

    Enjoy your week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. I have only been on here a short time myself and am on week 3 of the NHS plan, I can only reiterate what Kantara71 has said (good advice) This forum is amazing it really helps to read/answer others posts there is motivation and encouragement here and little challenges to join in if you wish. I am sure you will do well. With the lifestyle you have exercise must be an everyday occurance what with all your animals to look after, I am so jealous what a lovely set up you have, family around you, a fantastic farm and open spaces to live wonderful. Keep reading and posting on the forum look forward to hearing of your progress 20lb is really achievable in the time span you say. Bev

  • Hello eagleye5. Welcome. Like you I am a widow and looking to lose 20lbs before the end of August. I am coming to the good old US of A to spend a month with my brother in Kentucky which I am really looking forward to but need to feel good about myself before I go. I am not good at calorie counting and always cook from scratch so I decided that knowing my faults I would just buy a much smaller plate and have smaller portions. This really doesn't seem to be working very well so I need to rethink my strategy . I have cut out bread and do not drink or have sugar in tea or coffee. Note to self : must try harder. This forum is really good for motivation - just when you think you have messed up someone will post something really inspiring. I hope you will enjoy being part of it and good luck.

  • Welcome to you! It's always good to see new members from "across the pond " . Im in Bath UK ,we run an Airbnb here and have many lovely guests from the USA.,

    I hope you find our weightloss forums useful and supportive. Im pleased to say I have now lost my excess 31 lbs, and have been in maintenance for over a year.. so I'll be with you when you reach your goal ( which you will ) !! Good luck 😊

  • Hi I am Katy and I am from Odessa texas! nice to meet you! I just started here too and this is a great forum for advice and help and lots of encouragement. I only wish I had 20 pounds to lose but I figure one pound at a time and I can do this. you will get lots of good tips and remember to read the links on the right of the page. good luck!

  • Hello and welcome! If you want to lose weight this is the place to be. The support is wonderful and everyone is so helpful. We share recipes, eating issues, our up and downs. I hope you have a great day. :)

  • Hi and welcome. I'm fairly new on here as well. I'm not sure what the 12 week plan is as I don't know how to access it, so I can't help you there. I have changed my eating habits by doing it bit by bit. Cutting down on quantity helped to kick start me into changing. I was always finishing what was left in the pan as I don't like waste. Now I make smaller quantities and cut down on the carbs. Good luck with your weight loss.

  • Hi jjgilb 😀 glad your doing well by cutting down on quantities. If you did want to look at the 12 wk plan look up nhs 12wk plan on your computer/phone all the details should come up. From the website you can download all the information and your weekly sheets to fill in. Its free and highly recommended I've lost over 1 1/2stone in 15 wks. Good luck. Claire x

  • Thanks for the info. Well done on your weight loss. All the best.

  • Thankyou 😀 and good luck too x

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