When is a gain a success?

Here I am at just below goal. My plan is to get 5lbs lower so I have room to experiment with maintenance and not be above goal. Trying to maintain above goal didn't work for me in 2015 and it took me slightly more than the year to battle my way the 10.5lbs back down. So after I got to goal this time, I lost another 2lbs. That is my absolute maximum weekly loss these days so I was well pleased.

I had lots of plans for the bank holiday weekend, which I ignored in reality! I was OK for breakfasts going for porridge and fruit, which is one of my lowest kcal but most filling. We had planned some holiday dinners out, and I had come up with with versions of a healthy meal for all our likely venues.

BUT some of them changed to worse choice venues. Those meals weren't as planned as they might have been.

Where I really went wrong was in not having a planned lunch, so that turned into a snack feast. And I went for the thick bread and butter, peanut butter etc all the high fat options. When I checked my daily totals, it was the unplanned but high kcal snacking that had taken the totals so high.

Really scared when weigh in time came. Mr Flytrap, my partner in crime, had put on 4.5lbs. I was dreading it. But I only put on 1lb. So still a lb below my official goal weight. I was one happy bunny! I had totally gotten away with it.

Another weekend away to the same place today but better planning being done chez Flytrap. We will still stick to the porridge and fruit for breakfast, but this time we are taking the ingredients for a properly planned lunch and some OK dinners. Hope to walk more this time too. I didn't mind getting it wrong once, but if I don't learn from that, it's a mistake wasted. I will report next week on how I do this time. And if I keep my fingers crossed, I won't be able to pick up so many nibbles!

Happy weekend planning the rest of you.


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13 Replies

  • Sounds like maintaining a steady weight is a whole new ball game! I for one have always been on the way up or on the way down, so I shall read your hints and tips with interest!

  • Thanks DartmoorDumpling, You know exactly where I am coming from. I sometimes think getting to goal for me is the nearest I come to bungy jumping. Down as low as I can then straight back up! This time though! I also think that, mentally, dieting has become my safe place and I might be sabotaging myself so I can get back to the comfort zone. I have a friend who has maintained for 3 years. Seems unimaginable, even though I have watched her do it. She is going to be my guiding light from now on.

  • Hi Venusflytrap,

    Fantastic result for you! You're doing so well, and your pre-planning for this weekend away will stand you in good stead. I hope you have a lovely time, and enjoy those walks as well.

    Fingers crossed for you, and enjoy!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you, Zest, nice to know one of us believes in me!

  • Really interesting post and so happy for you that have such positivity! Have a fab week end!

  • Hi Caz28, nice to meet you. Having a home made curry night, so thinking of you a couple of days ago and your curry out.

  • Sorry, Caz28, Your curry was 3 weeks ago not this week. Must read posts with more close attention. I'm going for the chapati option tonight too.

  • Well done 😊 It is very hard when you have a different routine 😕 I am struggling with visitors immediately after two weeks away then the prospect of another trip away, all in all four weeks to attempt to 'maintain' whilst drinking/going out to eat/ take aways etc 😕 Compared to me you are doing very well!!! 😊

  • Hi Anna61,

    So glad I'm not the only one facing the slippery slope towards weight gain. If only we weren't so popular - we wouldn't have all these diet problems!

    Yesterday was way harder than I thought. Had to wait an extra 4 hours for dinner. Flytrap Junior, was very, very late home - dealing with a work emergency. I was nearly chewing the carpet! In the end I went for a pack of melba toasts, some quark and salad/pickle toppings and endless coffees. Something about making and eating 6 little nibbles really helps me calm down. But I did end up eating 2 extra poppadums plus an extra chapati and the associated Indian pickles, when dinner was finally eaten. Still just about within the top end of my daily kcal allowance. Especially as I saved some for the weekend from Thursday. I am determined to do this weekend on plan. Just so I know I can. Every day a challenge!!! Onwards and downwards!

    Happy Saturday,


  • I find it very difficult if I get too hungry so think you did very well!! we are off the a local Highland Games this afternoon - i am driving so should be safe in the beer tent!! Lol 😊

  • I like your style! We are getting to be so sneaky. Planning ways of getting round the inner child. Hope your day is as lovely as it is here in the West. Lots of sun and no haar!

  • That's fantastic to be so close to your goal

  • Thanks, Snowhite90, for the support. I am actually 1.5 lbs below goal. I'll say it again, because I can't quite believe it! Below! But after I didn't manage to stabilise at goal last year when I got to it, I have had to lose that final 10.5 lbs again. With a lot of wavering about - for slightly more than a year. So I might be a remedial slimmer, but I do learn the lessons eventually. So this time I am going to be 5lbs below, and then I will try to maintain. Hey ho! But Mr Flytrap's very low carb diet is so easy for me to follow as he is doing all the planning and cooking, and I am losing well on it without any hunger at all. So happy to be aiming for below goal. However mad that would have sounded to the old me, even just a year ago.

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