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Susie no replies


After joining the other day and seeing how many of the other newbies received replies felt really fed up as I got none. Yep that's right not a single reply. What's wrong with me I kept asking and started to feel down. I left my post open for the community but not everyone. This time I'll do everyone.

So what if no one replies I thought, I'd made right step in the first place but I'll not post while away with work.

Work went well and I even took my own porridge pot and couscous and tuna for breakfast and lunch both days so I wasn't tempted for a full English and crisps at lunch. dinners a bit unhealthy especially last night on the train back from Manchester and a trip to Pret beforehand but I'm ok with that.

My doctor's appointment this morning blood pressure a bit high so want to see me again in a month's time. Walked there and back so a bit of exercise while working from home today. Have to get blood pressure down so that I am allowed to keep taking the thyroine and HRT.

Charged new Fitbit this morning and sync'd it to the app.

As I say small steps....

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Hello there!

I've only recently joined and don't know how to find your first post, but I hope your small steps continue to keep going!

Its a good journey that you've started and good work on going for the healthy breakfasts and lunch!

Hope you can get your blood pressure down!

Remember to stay positive, its all about you feeling good about yourself!



Sorry you didn't get any replies to your original post Susie - sometimes if there is a lot of activity on the forum, the posts disappear off the front page so quickly they can get missed. I'm sure no one intentionally missed you out ! Glad it hasn't put you off and you have posted again :-)

moreless has started a great new thread for people who have recently started with lots of helpful hints and tips being added to all the time - have you seen it ?

small-steps in reply to Hidden

Hi Lucca10

I hadn't see the thread but will take a look at it.



WeightWarrior in reply to Hidden

That's true, I've only just seen THIS post lol! It's become so busy lately I can't keep up with everything!

sorry u never got any replies

welcome to the forum

im afraid that with the 'new years resolutions' period newbies are many and there are lots of posts, it doesn't mean there is something wrong with u, it just means when you posted maybe people who were on were too busy etc?

there no guarantee that u will get a reply with every post you make and honestly I don't normally to reply to the multitude of 'hi im new' as I don't have the time - and most of the posts are filled with weekly weigh-ins, starts plus normal updates, queries etc its quite a busy forum

I recommend joining the Monday weigh-in group (posted by the fab 5 every week) they always reply and you see everyones weight loss journey in one post rather than multiples (so you don't have to click back and forth)

do you have myfitness pal? its really usuful for recording you cals for the day and will give you and idea (even before you eat) what to choose or order and eat to keep to your calorie daily allowance (from nhs bmi calculator) myfitnesspal also syncs up with ur fitbit so you can see how much that dinner from Pret cost u in calories x

Thanks for the reply. I've joined the Monday weigh in and have been using myfitnesspal in the past.


I feel absolutely horrible that you were missed Susie and that's exactly my reason for starting the thread that Lucca has given you the link to.

Please don't be put off sticking around. We would never deliberately ignore anyone, it's just not our way. Can you forgive us? Just this once? ;)

It sounds as though you've done absolutely brilliantly without us though, so well done you! :)

small-steps in reply to moreless

Thanks moreless of course I can forgive and want to carry on with weight loss

morelessAdministrator in reply to small-steps

I'm so pleased to hear that Susie. I hope you'll get the time to read everything in the link Lucca gave you :)

I don't know if this applies to other people, Susie. But often when I'm busy and quickly scanning through the posts. I just don't have time to read them all. That doesn't mean that I don't care.

I'm sorry that no one replied to your first post, and glad that they are responding to you now. :)

I'm new to this, but I'm planning to try and keep my posts short, because, like you, I like people to read and reply.

Good luck and take care x

ZestHealthy SBMI

Hi Susie,

Welcome - the forum is getting more busy as so many new people are joining in, and it's such a pity your post didn't receive any replies - like some of the others have mentioned, the posts do go by quickly, and can be missed - and many of us are out and about - so we can miss many posts.

I'd like to welcome you. I know that Lucca has already sent you the link to the 'Welcome Newbies' thread, so you'll know lots more about some of the things on this forum, and also tips from people.

If you'd like to be part of the Monday group weigh-in forum (details in Welcome newbie thread) then please look out for the post on Monday morning - we'd love to have you on board.

I can see you've already clicked to 'follow' that post, but it's unlikely to get many more responses now, so if you want to be automatically notified of next Monday's post (dated 11th January) you can either click on following my name (Lowcal) or just look out for it - I post it just before 7am, or thereabouts.

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)

small-steps in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal will try to follow you so I can be automatically notified of Monday weigh in

ZestHealthy SBMI in reply to small-steps

That's great, really glad you'll be on board with us - hope you'll enjoy being part of the Monday group weigh-in, and hope you have a great weekend.

Lowcal :-)

Hi Susie,

Well we know you are here now and a huge welcome 😃.

It sounds like you are making some solid choices, it not easy when working away, so good for you.

Having your GP appt will keep you on track as well but I hope you continue to post.

Have a lovely weekend


Thanks flossie358

Have a good weekend too.

Hi I usually post on new people's threads but have been distracted by things on the home front. Everyone on here is very friendly. Welcome

LOL, I am glad you tried again. I am unable to reply to many posts, but tend to try and click the "like" button when I can, but this time of year is very busy and I just can't keep up!

Well done on being so positive and sticking with it - look forward to reading more from you in the future and good luck with the diet!

Hope you are feeling more positive now, everyone is here trying to help each other. Stick with it and you will succeed best wishes

Wow, thanks everyone. I wasn't expecting such a great response. So positive too. Had a good day working from home until the other half came in and wanted to nibble. Unfortunately so did I but have the weekend to put this right along with starting to cook dinner now. I have the power to stop nibbling and will do so. Luckily my other half is at football tomorrow until mid evening so I have control tomorrow and will be busy on Sunday tidying up my craft room so less likely to snack again. Will get a run in tomorrow and plan for another on Monday morning too.

morelessAdministrator in reply to small-steps

If you're going to be out running Susie, you must sign up for the Around the World challenge :)

Hi small-steps so sorry you didn't receive any replies to your original post.

I would like to say hello and welcome to this community. It's such a great place and full of wonderful people. Glad you posted again and also glad to see you have received a warm welcome this time round :-)

Its probably my fault as I was causing such a commotion with my juicer earlier in the week! Sorry xx


Hiya, I've only JUST seen this post, which is testament to how busy the forum has gotten lately! Everyone here is lovely, please rest assured no-one would intentionally ignore you, it's just that there is LOT of activity lately and I know I am defo guilty of not being able to read everything. I can't even keep up with reading all the replies to the Monday weigh in any more, which makes me a bit sad...I used to like to try to read through the whole lot but I just don't seem to have had the time and it is so, so very busy, it's exploded. That's a good thing tho, we are all on the same journey to a happier, healthier version of ourselves.

Good luck on your journey, we're all behind you. Maybe if you need some support or advice quickly, jump in and hijack the comments section of a thread which is marked "popular"...just say something like, sorry to hijack the thread but helllllp, I'm about to fall off the wagon and consume a (insert relevant "evil" foodstuff here)....someone save meeeeee! Hopefully there will be someone around who sees it and can come to your rescue! xx

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