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Food diary horror

I've written a food diary for the last two days because I didn't think my diet was that bad. I tend to barely eat all day and only eat dinner in the evening. Boy do I eat a dinner! I'm having a full day of calories in one meal and then I have pudding as well!!! Time to plan meals and only shop to the plan, eat breakfast and lunch and have a small meal in the evening!

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Sounds like shifting the calories to earlier in the day is a good one. I know if I eat a bigger meal late on I feel as if it is just sitting in my stomach and there is no time to burn the calories. Sometimes its good to write a food diary and see exactly what is going on. Hope the new regime is good for you :)

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Yes, I agree 😕 Think it's important to eat earlier in the day 😊

Good luck!

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It's surprising isn't it?! when I started t keep a food diary I was shocked! I always try and not eat after 7pm these days and spread my calories evenly through the day


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