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Hi, I reset all my data about 6 weeks ago. First few weeks went OK, lost a few pounds, now I've plateaued again. I know what it is. I'm terrible at writing down what I eat. It doesn't matter which food plan you follow (slimming World, weight watchers or calorie counting) I know writing down what you eat is important. I've tried a piece of paper, a notebook, and filling out the app on my phone. I do it for a few days then I forget or can't be bothered. Any suggestions that might help me would be great x

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Morning Alibob,

It is very hard to help you when we don't know what you are eating. I would strongly suggest that you use the Daily Diary, put your food in on their everyday and you will get advice from others that will help you along. It could be that your food needs a shake up.

Did you find your own personal calorie range on the NHS BMI calorie counter and are you eating at the top end of the range - or are you eating too little?

You really do need to record the food you eat to see if things are sneaking in that you are forgetting about.

Plateaus are a pain, but can be shifted.

You say you have lost some weight, how much?

Have you joined a weigh in yet, if not why not join today's, you will get lots of support and advice there too :)

Alibob19697lbs in reply to lucigret

I lost 6lb, but put 3lb back on. I know it's because I wasn't writing down what I eat. Writing my food down focuses me and I tend not to have a second glass of wine or second piece of chocolate. I have mentioned before that I follow the Slimming World diet, which works for me when I concentrate. Going forward I think I might note my food and put my syns and calories next to it. I can compare how I am doing. Just posting has helped. I must use this more often.

IndigoBlue61Maintainer in reply to Alibob1969

You are still 3lbs down which is great (I’ve updated your badge to show this)

And you know where you have gone amiss which is also good 😊

Now all you need is a couple of good days to get you back on track and I know you can do this, we are all cheering you on 😊👏🎉

Ps also highly recomend coming onto the forum regularly, daily if you can, reading posts and replying to others. Being part of a community is proven to help weight loss. Why not join our daily chat thread ‘What’s Happening Today?’ As well as a weekly weigh in group?

I suggest first step to really try to come on here each day & that should motivate you, read the daily daires, give it some thought to what you plan to eat & go from there. You will get loads of support 👌🏻 Keep telling yourself it’s really important to you & your doing this for you! I know it can be time consuming but it’s realky important & only you can do it. 😁 I aim to come on here each day but don’t always make it but I do use my app Mfp as it helps me to keep on track. I have swapped from WW to calories so I know exactly my intake rather than use free foods. You do need to try to record. I have bought myself a new notebook - pretty it up, make it important! Once you see some weight come off it will keep you going, if you don’t just come on here for support like you are now. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon. Am busy looking for recipie for baked oats which I want to make for breakfast & will look up calories! 😁

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to Realthing

Good tips Realthing :)

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