Pledge for Wednesday

Good morning to all you lovely people. After my confession last night and getting on the scales this morning and seeing 2.75 pound gain since Monday morning (ouch!) I am taking the advice of Sarah578 and posting my pledges for today.

Today I pledge - to stay within my calorie allowance, to do my Davina exercise DVD, to drink 2 litres of water and to smile at myself everytime I walk past a mirror. (I know that is not food related but I think I need that one to feel happier about myself).

Hopefully that will get me back on track. Thanks so much for all your replies, I can't tell you how much they have helped me get my head back in the game. Here's to a good day for all of us. Onwards and downwards. Does anyone else want to pledge this morning? :)

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64 Replies

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  • Hi Muffintop67 My pledge is

    To keep within my calorie allowance.

    To drink more water ( I keep forgetting to do this one)

    To stay on the treadmill longer was really disappointed and a little lazy yesterday,

    and move even for a short time onto the FAT BURNING ZONE.

    Good luck, hope everyone has a good day on this horrible rainy/windy 1st of June is summer really here yet?

  • Thanks for your pledges Itsbab. We can do this! :)

  • Too true, Onwards and downwards Muffintop67, hope you have a good day keep on smiling!

  • I pledge today : stay within calorie allowance, drink 2 litres water and have my 5 a day.

    It's the start of June and I've not bridged for weeks ! It starts NOW πŸ˜ƒ


  • Smiling will be a great boost for you muffin and if you keep doing it when you're out and about too the happiness will spread!

    I pledge to drink more water and have my 5-a-day.

    Good luck all x

  • Thanks Fab_Jem :)

  • Hi Muffintop67,

    I really like your pledge post, and good luck with achieving your pledges - the non-food one of smiling at yourself when you pass a mirror is such a great one, and I hope you feel good as the day progresses!

    I pledge to stop procrastinating and get on with my daily schedule, and I also pledge to do my 2nd run of the week later today - it will be at the gym though, on the treadmill and not outside, but I think that still counts, and means I achieve my goal to run, and also to do my gym session. I try to go once a week.

    Thanks for doing this pledge post, and it's great that Sarah578 inspired you to do that.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks for your pledges lowcal. I think a run on the treadmill most definitely still counts. Hope you are managing to get on with your daily schedule. :)

  • Well done for getting right back onto it muffin and I think your pledges are brill! :)

    I pledge to do my ironing (non weight related, except that it'll get me off my backside!)

    Get my balance board out and do my core strengthening exercises

    Do a second walk in the rain!

    We can do this peeps! :)

  • Great pledges moreless. Must burn some calories ironing too! ;)

  • The ironing's done! Woohoo! :D

    Coffee break now, to recover! :D

  • Still got to do mine :(

  • Poor you! I loathe ironing! :(

  • I find ironing to be strictly unnecessary as life's too short to iron! Why iron when you can hang it straight up and avoid the wrinkles in the first place? :)

  • Because I like very smooth clothes. I'm a bit OCD like that, Hanging immediately isn't anywhere near good enough for me! :)

  • I suppose I'm just a rumpled sort of person. ;)

  • Do you remember when the crumpled look was "in"? I ironed all the crinkles out! It took forever! :D

  • I was never very good at fashion either! :)

  • LOL! :D

  • Hehe πŸ˜‚

  • There is a tray of cake sitting in front of me and I am determined not to eat it as I may not eat sugar. I wish I could just get rid of this tray but I am not the only one in my place so therefore i am going to have self control!

    This pledge is great! Thanks muffintop67 for starting it! Actually I wasn't going to join in as I thought I will manage without it but this tray is just smiling to me! :)

    I pledge today to drink plenty of water.

    Eat 3 healthy meals.

    Get my run and walk in. Must walk 10000 steps as I promised moreless that I will try very hard every day but I must confess it will be almost everyday of the week!

    Good luck to everyone for their pledges! Today I must behave myself like very obedient girl! I am just in a very good mood and hopefully will stay like this even if there are bumps in our life! Sorry jut talking aloud to make it more real! As I keep slipping but this time is different!

  • Hope you manage to steer clear of that cake! Thanks for your pledges :)

  • Haha Hubby and son didn't want it and I love it so off course I ate it! Except for that I ate healthy so far.

    Otherwise I managed my 10000 steps.

    Drinking enough.

  • I think you deserved a bit of cake after those 10000 steps!

  • The truth is I may nt eat sugar as I am a Thrush suffer but it is not burning like it was this morning as I just use salt water and cream. Like you say it is only a bit. Now I am talking I just had my sons snacks but it is a l right. I usually do and i loose and my Thrush is under control.

  • Oh bless you that sounds uncomfortable. Hope the bit of cake does not cause you any more trouble.

  • No it is fine. I would have felt it by now. Anyway I am treating it and I will just have to be careful from now on. The good side is that it teaches me to eat healthy!

  • Hi muffintop67, well done for getting back on track, good luck! My pledge for today is to stick within my calories and drink more water.

  • Thanks Caz28. So far so good! :)

  • Writing pledges on here really works!! 😊

    I know it's midday but so far so good, 30 minute workout done, porrige and banana for breakfast (I know it sounds yucky but it isn't!! Lol) 3km walk on the beach followed by vegetable soup and one slice toast. Also hoovered and mopped the floor!!

    Quiet afternoon planned, dinner all sorted (ham with steamed new potatoes, veggies and cheese sauce) then out to my singing group tonight, which will stop the evening munchies!!

    Onwards and downwards peeps 😊

  • Sounds like a good day Anna61. Thanks for making your pledge :)

  • Already slipped up πŸ˜• Had slice of ham on a bread roll 😳 Will have smaller dinner to compensate 😊

  • Not really a slip up if you can compensate later just a shift of calorie planning! :)

  • Anna61 - Your honesty makes you sound human - it was just too good to be true above!

  • Well done Muffin, you've started a movement of pledgers :-) I hope it's all going well for you. My pledges have been to go for my Physio appointment, reach 10,000 steps, that will be tough today as its nearly 14.30 and I haven't even made 2000 :-( Stay within my calorie allowance and, non-weight/healthy but needed, prepare for coding tomorrow, sort the next stage of my literature review and clear and tidy the house. Hum, did I mention it was 14.30? Time to move! Good luck all :-)

  • Oh my lots of pledges for you Sarah578. I have drunk about a litre of water already, definitely within my calorie allowance so far but not managed to do my exercise DVD yet. Only walked past a couple of mirrors so managed a few smiles. Hope you manage to get it all done :)

  • You too Muffin, we can do this! :-)

  • Smiling very important!! 😊

  • Fantastic keeping to your pledges! You are doing very well! Keep going! muffintop67

  • Thank you bakersdozen :)

  • A bit late, but my goals for today are:

    To get to the pool and actually swim. Done! (Tried to swim yesterday but I got to the pool only to find I had forgotten my swimsuit :) )

    To avoid unnecessary snacking (went a bit nuts with the ginger snaps last night, ok so it was only 3, but it's the principle of not losing control of my eating).

    To enjoy my dinner out with the Ranger Leaders, but not stuff myself silly.

  • Never too late VickyDLM. How annoying to get to the pool and find you not got your swimsuit! Hope you enjoy your dinner and manage to not stuff yourself. Thanks for your pledges :)

  • Thanks!

    Kind of thought they wouldn't like it if I went swimming without the suit. :)

    I have had a look at the Harvester website and (hopefully) planned what to order. Now I just need to not change my mind once I get there.

  • Haha no skinny dipping session at your pool then ;) Good that you have planned what to eat later. Maybe just don't look at the menu at all later - go in with what you have planned written on paper (I would have to write it down or I would forget) and maybe you won't be tempted to order anything else. Have a nice evening anyway :)

  • No, not too keen on the skinny dipping, especially during half term! :)

    I did write down what I planned to eat so dinner went well. The trouble came with dessert. It wouldn't have been too bad if I'd just gone with the ice cream. Unfortunately I ended up with the Red Velvet cake. I'm a sucker for Red Velvet. :(

    So, for my goals,

    1) I did my swim

    2) I didn't have any extra (unplanned) snacks

    3) I did stick with my plan for dinner and not stuff myself TOO silly, but I did go over with the cake. To compensate I got up early this morning and walked the two miles to the train station rather than taking the bus as normal. I'm also thinking of lowering my calories slightly (from 1400 to 1300) today and tomorrow as well.

    I definitely need to work on eating out skills in the future and stay away from the dessert menu!

  • Sounds like you did well in limiting the damage from your meal out. Dessert is always tricky. Sure if you walked the two miles this morning and reduced your calories a bit you will be fine. Well done you :)

  • Update this evening to Pledge for Wednesday. Pleased to say I am back in the game!!! Kept within my calorie allowance, drank at least 2 litres of water, did my Davina DVD and looked in the mirror (a few times at least). Thank you all so much for your support today - couldn't have done it without you guys :)

  • Well done muffin! I completed my ironing and went for a walk, but instead of my balance board, I had a go with my new resistance bands which arrived in the post today :)

  • Ooh they sound interesting. Well done for completing the ironing and going for a walk. Thanks moreless :)

  • Yay 😊 Go you 😊

  • Thanks Anna61 :)

  • Excellent muffintop! :-) Go you! Well, amazingly I managed over 10,000 steps (just), stayed within my calories and sorted the house, literature review and coding not so much unfortunately but that's down for today! Also, put on another lb this morning, that 2lb on since Monday while meeting calorie deficit and exercise goals, gotta love the TOTM, not!!! ;-) Have a great day

  • Thank you. Well done for doing all your pledges especially as you did not post till 2.30pm. Sure the scales will move downwards much quicker next week, it's probably going down but TOTM masking your loss. Hope you have a great day too. :)

  • Slightly off piste with a medicinal brandy for my sore throat but otherwise pretty good 😊

  • For tomorrow now, but well needed and I logged in this evening to do this!

    Weigh myself - first day back home so it will be good to see how I am doing

    Not lose the plot whether it's good or bad when I do so!

    Plan my meals - yogurt and granola for breakfast, salad with cheese and croutons for lunch, dinner tbc

    Stay within lower calorie allowance - 1600 to compensate a bit for today when I went over, this might be tough for me

    Walk to work and back.

    Thanks folks πŸ˜€

  • Great pledges for tomorrow Butey :)

  • Good luck! Excellent pledges..the Davina dvd isn't easy...

    I'm just getting started on the 12 week programme so my day 1 pledge is to make a meal plan, do a shop and squeeze in exercise - yoga and walk/jog on this autumnal day.

  • Hi Vivaldisgloria. The dvd wasn't easy the first couple of times but have got used to it now and even managed to build up to the ultimate fat burner section (it's the 7 minute dvd). Well done for your pledges today and getting started on the 12 week plan. The first week is always the hardest but stick with it and you will soon get into the swing of things. Best of luck :)

  • Oh can I join in? I'm only in my first week ... I pledge to stay off the wine tonight (my downfall), not put any butter on my bread and smile at muffintop every time I go past a mirror - only kidding at myself of course (which will be a challenge at the gym!)

  • Hi fleur64. Thank you for your pledges. I did this yesterday as I had a very bad day on Tuesday and needed to get back on track. It really helped me. If you keep checking on the posts each day then there are usually other pledge posts to follow too. I actually find it too hard to eat bread without butter so I don't eat it instead I have crisp breads and then don't miss the butter. Kinda makes sense! You should be grinning all the time at the gym then ;)

  • I expect to be expelled for lunacy ;-)

    I love butter but I dipped my roll in my soup at lunch mostly cos I'd promised.

  • Haha hopefully not expelled! Well done for avoiding the butter :)

  • omg that is such a good idea .... I pledge to do my very best at everything today . I am going to TRY all day ... so that is sort out work , food and family ... okay that sounds really NAFF !!! lets try specifics... work : clear out 1 heap ( about 20 files) , family: pick daughter up ( she is expecting to catch the bus) and bring her to town , food: already sorted... need a MEDAL for that one . sleep ... bed by 10.00 ... lets go get the day !!

  • Thanks for your pledge stopfaffing. Have a great day! :)

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