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Average loss over 10 weeks 1.2 lbs. per week..... the long haul!!

Started at 17 st 10 lbs....got a little stuck around 17 st....but I'm on the move again, with 2.5 lb loss this week, I have a lot to lose, and will just keep with it. smaller portions, and 2 lots of 18 hour fasting each week. Writing my results on here, and in my diary is important...it focuses the mind !!

Being diabetic means I have to be careful about sugar.

Having very high blood pressure at the moment while changing tablets means I am not having salt, so no snacky crisps, and I am not able to exercise....but I hope this will be sorted soon. When a piece of smoked mackerel becomes a viable treat...perhaps you do just lose weight!!!

So at this rate...., by next May I might be 12 stone... I was last 12 stone in the year 2000.

Good luck to everyone!

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That is an excellent loss for the week and a good steady loss over the ten weeks too. Are you also counting calories and weighing everything you consume? You say that you write the results down but are you recording everything you eat? I found it helps a lot to keep a running total through the day so I know either when to stop or if I can have a little cheeky treat :-) Good luck in reaching your target, I am sure you will get there quicker than you think :-)

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I just have a piece of paper in the kitchen and write what I eat with a calorie estimate...I know them of old!!!....around 1000 calories is in my mind....it just keeps focus... Good luck to you. I have dieted for ever and lost a lot at certain times in my life. I'm going slowly this time..partly because I'm not active, and am in pain, and have lymphedema, high blood pressure, diabetes....the lot , really!!. Good luck to you too.

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