Post holiday excess baggage!

Very annoyingly I managed to gain 3lb on my 1 week all inclusive holiday. I got up every morning and did 40 minutes speed walking before breakfast,swam so many lengths in the pool that everyone would stare in amazement at the crazy lady swimming length after length with no stopping. I did the aqua gym every day and did quite a lot of dancing. I ate much less than I have ever eaten on holiday and made healthy choices. I am going to have to rid myself of this and more as I am going on holiday again in 7 weeks. I am hoping this extra weight will come off as quick as it went on otherwise you can expect lots of posts requiring support and advice. Thanks in advance. What is really upsetting is my husband laid on a sunbed all week, stuffed his face constantly and only gained 1.5lb. He doesn't drink alcohol though which would have helped :(


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8 Replies

  • It's probably mostly water retention and not fat, the scales can be cruel! Especially as you have been so active! I bet it will come off very quickly :)

  • I hope you enjoyed your holiday - it sounds lovely with all the swimming, walking and aqua gym. Really, you deserve to have lost weight!

    I am sure that weight gain will be just temporary and you will lose it very quickly now you are back to your normal routine!

  • Thank you. I had a great time. I am very committed to losing weight. However I wouldn't enjoy a holiday if I was as strict as I am usually. Hopefully I can get it off just as quick.

  • Hi Harobed,

    Welcome back from your holiday, and I'm sure that weight gain will soon be a thing of the past now you're back on track and in your normal routine. It sounds like you had a lovely time, and that's brilliant.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. I hope you are right. I would like to be -7lb of my pre holiday weight for my next holiday so I need to lose 10 in 7 weeks. I'll give it my best shot.

  • Good luck! :-)

  • Wow I think only putting on 3lb over a weeks all inclusive holiday is not bad at all. Imagine what you could have put on if you had not been careful and had done less exercising. I am sure once you get back to your calorie allowance those 3lbs will disappear fast. Lucky you to be going away again in 7 weeks - at least this gives you something to focus on and to motivate you to get back on track. :)

  • I also think 3 lb on an all inclusive is not bad , well done re all the exercise . Sounds like you had a lovely break

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