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Holiday worries

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I'm on my first holiday in 2 years, only 4 nights away. Its lovely. I know I'm not gonna be staying on plan for the duration because I want to enjoy my week. I'm already worried about it though. I've cut back calories before arriving and plan to do the same when home to balance things out and I'm going to do some walking while here. I have a plan to minimise the damage but I feel either way I'm gonna ruin my lovely staycation with worry over what I'm eating. Am I making a mistake by chosing to enjoy my week without staying on plan?

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I suppose I generally think about enjoying my food, so what I eat to lose weight is the same as what I eat to maintain weight, just in different quantities and frequencies.

Four nights away is a small break, and I am sure you will enjoy it and anything extra you eat will soon be compensated for when you are home again.

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Thank you

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Hi Iamwhatiam, i think its all about give and take, like christmas and easter. Have some of what you fancy but some good stuff too. As you say you've planned the before and after so try and relax and enjoy your holiday. It is only 4 days after all and you'll be getting exercise too. It will be fine 💖 xx

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Thank you

Try not to worry to much and enjoy your time away you know what you can eat and have a plan in place try and chill and have a safe one xx

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Thanks 😊

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I'm inclined to think enjoy your jollies. You've got used to eating the right foods so you'll be on auto-pilot which will stop any whopping mishaps. The smaller indulgences can be sorted when you get home.

Have a great time. :)

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Thank you

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Your weight loss is amazing, btw! I'd advise enjoying every minute, including the food - but that means really enjoying every lovely mouthful of whatever you choose to have, and that's different from going on a mad binge. I definitely don't think you should starve yourself before or after, I know that that just makes me eat crazily whilst on the holiday plan. So that's what this is, a Holiday Plan - to love yourself, your body, your food and your holiday. Make every moment a treat to remember then I'm sure you won't be stuffing yourself, just enjoying yourself.

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Thanks 😊

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