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Hi everyone! I don't know how many weight loss plans I have started in the past...I always get bored and my motivation hits rock bottom....then I'm left moaning about my belly while eating a bar of chocolate!! SO decided to get my butt into gear and give this my all :) hoping that because you have to check in with yourself every evening, that that will give me the boost I need to keep going!

My weakness is the sweet stuff, so if anyone has any tips on how to curb these cravings, I would be very grateful!


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I find sweet stuff addictive. I have to go cold turkey for a couple of weeks and I'm done. I don't even think about chocolate etc any more.

Crisps is a bit more difficult for me. I love them, but again it seems that the less I eat the less I crave.


Aw thank you :) I'm up for the challenge!


Hi Esmatalia,

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Wishing you all the best for a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


I really struggle with sweet stuff as well, I always crave a dessert after a meal. My go to low calorie desserts are strawberries with sweetner on or an ice lolly - strawberry splits tend to only be around 70cals and so worth it! 

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Lately my breakfast has always been sweet, because I've been having overnight oats in sugar-containing yogurt. Sometimes I chop some banana or strawberries in it too. There's not enough calories left for me to have sweet stuff after lunch or dinner -except for a fruit or some coke zero.


I have mostly conquered my sweet tooth by eating low gi carbohydrates throughout the day, having a decent amount at breakfast and lunch. I also stopped all 'diet' drinks which I found were affecting my taste buds 😕 All food tastes so much better, and fruit etc tastes very sweet to me 😊 I rarely feel the need to snack or eat sugary foods, although I do allow the odd treat 😊


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