Bunged up - Again!!

I'm getting a bit miffed off with this!

Shortly into the diet I got bunged up, and having posted my predicament, people kindly suggested taking on more fluid to help move the fibre along. I was even pointed in the direction of the NHS site with regards to dealing with constipation. By the time I'd gotten around to reading the replies, things were chugging along nicely.

Well things were looking up last week, a sneaky weigh-in confirmed that another 1lb and I'd have lost my first stone since joining this forum. A few days later, I'm bunged up again and put on 2lbs!

I've resorted to the laxatives again, which I'm not too pleased about to say the least, especially when I'm eating loads of fruit and veg and cereals such as muesli. Maybe not drinking enough bearing in mind the warmer weather though?

Does anyone else have this re-occurring problem? If so, what do you do which helps to prevent this?


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14 Replies

  • From my experience, it helps to nibble on dried figs or prunes, fill up on porridge oats for breakfast, drink plenty of water, tea, fruit teas, and avoid too much bread or pasta which seems to sit heavily for some reason.  Have a good walk at some point in the day as exercise helps, and when you go ...try and go the same time each day, take a good book with you and don't be always in a rush!  Sometimes, you might only need to go every other day, so don't worry about the weight gain as you know what is causing it, and it will go, all in good time!

  • And here's me nagging my husband about his reading material in the loo - I've never seen so many books!! Mind you, once he's finished and I swear it's because he spends so much time in there - you need to hold you breath when following him in. Thank god for upstairs and downstairs loos....

  • This is a recurring theme Redx, take a look at this - great advise and really funny! ;)


    Good luck! :)

  • Oh flippin' heck, I've nearly laughed myself to the toilet. Pooping unicorn ice cream and squatty potties - brilliant...... :-)

  • Every time I bring this out, it never fails to make me howl with laughter! :D

    I hope it's given you some ideas and that things are moving again! ;)

  • Hi Redx1995,

    I just wanted to express my sympathy with your predicament, and I know you've got lots of information within the thread that moreless has sent you, and also the great suggestions from DartmoorDumpling.  I can't add anything to those great suggestions, and I'd just like to say I hope you get some relief very soon!

    Have a good week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • We could turn this into a competition on who can think up the most puns or should that be prunes?! I have to say it's starting to make me smile a bit now.... :-)

  • I've suffered with bowel problems and the nurse at the hospital told me that for this problem, loads of water and try not to drink too much tea.  For every cup of tea she suggested an equivalent amount of water.  Tea is a diuretic so it makes you wee more.  It does this by absorbing liquid from the bowel, hence blocking things up.  I only have one or two cups of tea a day specifically to help avoid this problem.  Also, if you're eating more fibre, you'll need more water/liquid to get it all through the system.

    Lots of water and Good luck!

  • I knew tea was a diuretic, but hadn't considered that this could cause a problem with the constipation. I have to say that it does make sense as I do drink a lot of tea at work.

    I'll definitely be reviewing this situation now - thanks.

  • Hi, this is not a nice problem but it is something that many of us suffer from. All the advice above seems pretty good so I would try and see if they make a difference. As for tea, how about switching to a herbal or fruit tea, that way you get your hot drink and don't dehydrate yourself. Exercise particularly walking I find helps. I am doing the Moonwalk on Saturday and  every time I go on a training walk it gets things moving and my first stop on reaching home is the toilet. Also if I drink real coffee on an empty stomach, so a quick walk to Costa before breakfast may be all you need.

    Good luck. ;)

  • Oh how I know how you feel ,,,,sooooo totally bungled up due to the fact that I now have a prolapse to deal with on top of everything wrong with my lungs ,,,so to deal with this  is a nightmare ,,,,after lots of fibre / laxatives from GP ,I bought some glycerine supositrries ,,,,,after inserting just one ,,,,,,we have movement ,,,,whew ,,,😡😖😁😳🤗🚽

  • Right everyone -

    Prunes and porridge, baked beans on toast and an orange & two satsumas, extra two pints of cordial during the day. Oh and don't forget the 2 x Senokot I took last night. Took the reading material with me earlier and still nothing!!!

    UPDATE - TTOTM has just kicked in, and things are getting a bit breezy up here in the north. Anyway, jet propelled was an under statement...... LOL :-)

    Happy Days xxx

  • Have you considered upping your cabbage intake?  There's the cooked sorts, coleslaw, pickled red and all the oriental ones.  If all else fails, look for a shop that sells the Korean fermented pickled cabbage, Kimchi.  Surprisingly refreshing to eat and I bet it cures your problem in no time!  

  • Hi Venusflytrap I love cabbage, I've even made my own pickled red cabbage. I have to admit I'm very partial to sauerkraut, the brined cabbage, and can literally sit eating this out of the jar. It horrifies my husband. I'm lucky too, as I can eat any variety and am not affected by wind afterwards.

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