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I'm giving up the scales for the rest of the month

IamwhatIam5176 stone

I'm still struggling to get back onto the wagon fully and I keep jumping on the scales which is not helping. I'm going to put them away until March, I need a break from them. Gonna to get some extra steps into my daily walks to work too. I'm stuck in a nasty rut/cycle and I need some things to change while I get my head straight. Feeling positive about this.

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I am the same .It is really cold here . Had a tin of soup - loaded with too much salt but lazy food with 2 slices of bread with butter and it was heavenly . I have done an hours Zumba via You Tube and this was my lunch / breakfast as didn't start till 11am - so comfortable reading in bed . I still fit in my clothes despite knowing I have 4 Xmas lbs to still shed .

Pink4eva2 stone

Hi IamwhatIam517 , just wanted to say, you aren’t on your own. I am struggling too. I weigh pretty much the same as I did 11wks ago. All that angst and effort to just go nowhere. On the bright side, I am an optimist deep down, I haven’t had a chocolate binge for 13 days. I am definitely missing the gym, I struggle to motivate myself to exercise anywhere else, but I have been doing some yoga. Hope you find your ‘mo-jo’ soon😊

sunny3692 stone in reply to Pink4eva

on the up side I think maintaining and being where you were 11 weeks ago is a really fantastic achievement in itself, and not to be underestimated. I can't tell you how many times in my life I lost two stone then put half of it back on in 12 weeks!!! I take maintaining as a win! :) I put on half a stone over Christmas and new year :( and it took me a few weeks to get back to better habits, but doing better now.

Have you joined Lytham s spring challenge?

LythamSuper Host 3st in reply to sunny369

Yes, I agree with you, I've done that too ! Pink4eva joined the Spring challenge but hasn't weighed in for a while, you're welcome to just weigh in and pick back up any time hun! :-) x


There are so many ways of noting your progress and scales is only one of them. Clothes feeling a little looser, having more energy, being more mobile, sleeping better, feeling generally more comfortable with yourself. Choose your own way of measuring progress :)

focused1Maintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

You are so right . I got up this morning . It was freezing but still motivated to straighten my hair and get a decent breakfast . I am working till mid afternoon so as soon as I get in I won't sit down . On goes You Tube Zumba with a large tumbler of water . I can then prepare tea knowing because of the exercise and water I won't be eating the odd thing whilst I'm in the kitchen . Last month I felt sluggish after all Xmas food .

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to focused1

I bet the Zumba energises you and anything that does that helps you stay positive, I find

focused1Maintainer in reply to BridgeGirl

It does. I couldn't exercise in silence . I find myself smiling at the You Tube instructor . Await that van to cart me away !!!

BridgeGirlAdministrator in reply to focused1


Nikon19722021 January

Fully understand how you feel. It can be so easy to let the scales dictate my mood, and for that reason I try not to weigh myself too often. It's also the reason I haven't joined any weigh in group as I don't want to step on the scales every week, I prefer to leave it at least 2 weeks, or even 3 or 4 at times, between weighing sessions. Sometimes it's important to focus on how one feels, rather than obsess about numbers.

Scaffie1 stone

Oh bless you iamwhatiam. Just stick with it and us! I totally understand it’s so hard. What I found was i need only to use my scales on a Wednesday morning before our group, I’m up and down at different times in the week, so if I looked at those results I’d get even more fed up! As Bridgegirl said measure too. Have a good week, see you in WW 😊

Aginghippy1 stone

Well done for getting as far as you have. I know what you mean about the scales, yesterday I had put on a pound today I am STS not going to get on them again for a week. if you can't face getting on them once a week please still stay on this site. We need you !!

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