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Hi I'm Ann - I'm in the obese bracket at the moment and wondering if there are any more older ladies out there - I'm 65.  I could do with some willpower.  I am more creative than physically active.  Need some motivation please.

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Hi Nagymama , welcome.

I joined around Christmas time, I'm 70 and was obese. I'm now overweight, losing around a pound a week on average. This site Is great, full of encouragement and help. Joining in with the challenges has helped too and made it fun, you are not struggling alone, everyone here is on the same journey to good health. We have good and not so good weeks and keep each other motivated. 😄

The first step starts with ourself, we really have to want this enough to change for life, to be healthy for life 😃😃 Sorry, don't want to sound as if I'm preaching, and you probably know this anyway.

I'm neither creative or physically active, don't go to gyms etc. I do walk mostly and do line dancing and gentle (older people's) yoga once a week. My leisure ideally would be reading or watching TV so to lose weight and try to get myself healthier I've had to start walking. Got used to it now and even enjoy it on nice days... 😃😃

As you are creative, I'm sure you could come up with an exercise that you will (or will come to) enjoy.

Edited by adding this next bit:-

I've just had a quick look at your profile, I'm also in the W.I. 😄😄 and a grandmother.

May I suggest trying the NHS 12 week plan and also please take a look at the 'welcome newbies' post which you can find under the pinned posts on the right of your screen. This has loads of useful info in. Also we do a weigh in on Mondays (posted by Zest ). This is voluntary but does make us more accountable and helps keep us on the straight and narrow.

Good luck.

Mouse 🐭 

Seuzan2lbs in reply to Anon-E-Mouse

Mouse, I have just seen your oranges and lemon picture. You are definitely creative!!!

Hello Ann. Good luck to you and enjoy getting fit and healthy... All the best for this journey!

Nagymama in reply to Seuzan

Thank you.

Thank you - that is a lovely welcome and I feel better because you seem to be steadily losing weight and doing more exercise so it works!  - though I feel embarrassed when I do go to the gym but I will try and persevere.  I go to my Husband's cardiac class at the moment once a week.

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Ann,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NhS forum.  There are people of all ages in this forum, and I hope you'll enjoy being part of this great community.  

We have a very motivating thread which was put together by a  lovely lady in the forum called moreless - so I'd like to give you a link to that, if you fancy a read:

Please do join in with anything you see in the forum that takes your interest.  We have a Monday group weigh-in - so tomorrow there will be about 140 people popping in to weigh - thankfully not all at the same time, they pop by as and when is convenient - have a look in the Events section (right-hand-side of the homepage about half-way down the page) if you want to see what last Monday's session was like.

Hope you have a great weekend and good luck with your weight loss journey.

Lowcal :-)

Nagymama in reply to Zest

Thank you for the welcome - there is so much to read on the site to help.  I will probably join the Monday weigh in next week when I have lost weight - how's that for positive thinking!!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Nagymama

That is excellent positive thinking Ann.  Really pleased to hear you have found some helpful information on the site, and great that you're going to join in the Monday weigh-in - if you want to, then just weigh tomorrow morning, and report your starting weight, and you'll be recorded in our stats as a 'new starter' - then you can weigh the following week and report your loss - I'm agreeing with you on the positive thinking there - all being well you'll have a loss to report!  

Good luck.  :-)

Nagymama in reply to Zest

Oops!  Just asked the question - do I weigh in before I begin and now read the answer!

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Nagymama

Great!  Don't hesitate to ask any further questions in the forum, it's really helpful for questions - there's always someone around who can give you a reply with their thoughts or comments.  :-)


Hi and welcome Nagymama :)

I'm not exactly a spring chicken myself and when I joined, getting out of bed was the most exercise I did! However, now I suffer withdrawal symptoms if I can't get out and about and I'm sure you'll feel the same in the not too distant future :) This couldn't fail to get you motivated :)

I hope we'll see you at the weigh-in tomorrow and why not join the challenge today? :)

Nagymama in reply to moreless

Do I weigh in before I start?  I'll try a challenge on dry land as I don't swim and haven't a costume and I really don't think they will allow me in the pool without one!!  I can walk and pretend I'm swimming!

morelessAdministrator in reply to Nagymama

Weigh yourself tomorrow morning and then post on the weigh-in thread at a time that's convenient to you :)

LOL! Any exercise that can be measured in distance, is fine for the challenge. I would advise walking to get you started. You can get a pedometer, a fancy gismo like a Fitbit, a smart phone app like Endomondo, or do what I did and count steps! :) I haven't braved baring all in a pool either! :)

Hi there. I'm 61 years old. I have managed to lose 1st 7lb so far this year . I am now focusing on losing my last stone by the end of the year. Good luck kn your journey.

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