Ok so I have completely lost my way. My weight has gone up, I am miserable and feel like absolute crap. I hate myself for letting this happen but stresses of life took over. 

Now things have settled down I think it's time to restart the 12 week plan and stick with it this time. Summer is coming quickly and the thought of another year feeling that I look like a "heffalump" is terrifying! 

So fresh start from today! No excuses!


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12 Replies

  • Don't hate yourself, life happens and we all pretty much react the same way, instead love yourself for not letting it go any further and getting back on it today xx

  • Don't beat yourself up, the past is gone and the future is yours to make.  Forget start AGAIN, just start.

  • I think everyone on here knows what it's like to turn to food when things aren't going well, I do for sure.

    Don't hate yourself, you're on here, you've made that step in the right direction and this is such a friendly group, get yourself in on the Monday morning weigh-ins (a great motivator), 12 week plan sheets up on the fridge as a reminder (I've found that very useful) and you can do it!

    Good luck!

  • thanks everyone, i'm determined to complete it this time :)  i am going to Portugal in September so that is when i would like to be able to see a real difference.

  • Nice to have a goal in mind to keep the focus! Portugal here you come!!!! Love your body whatever the size.  I heard a nice comment on the radio the other day from an overweight actress saying that she doesn't worry too much about her size, she just makes sure that she packages it right (i.e. wears nice clothes).  I quite liked that....  

  • Thanks, it's true what you said about the sizes. I have a friend who used to refuse to wear anything bigger then a size 14. The problem was she needed the next size up.  So when we went out her clothes always looked too tight :( it must have been so uncomfortable.

  • Don't worry, coming on here means you want  to get back on track and I am sure you will!

  • Nothing else to add just want to say hello and wish you good luck 😊

  • HI NannyLaura. Just wanted to see if you were feeling better today as your post from yesterday sounded sad :( Sometimes life takes over and we are not able to do what we want but hopefully now things have settled for you its time to focus on what you want. Good that you have your holiday to work towards and hope that this forum gives you lots of support too. It has helped me a lot. Best of luck :)

  • Thank you, yes I am feeling a lot more positive today :) had a great start yesterday and I'm going to keep it up. I'm off for a long countryside walk today so that will definitely help :) 

    Onwards and upwards. X

  • Glad you feeling more positive today. Hope the sun is shining for you too and you have a great walk. Yes onwards and downwards as Zest always says! Enjoy your day. You can do this! :)

  • I bet you don't look that bad at all.Life is challenging and we all go through different things .It's important to value you,learn from your downfalls pick yourself up and start again.Look in the mirror value yourself and have a great day.You can do this.

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