Starting over....again!

I followed the 12 week plan last year and lost around a stone. Then Christmas happened, the a holiday, then Easter and I'm back to square one (and more) and I know why. Lack of self discipline and creeping back into old watch habits.  I struggle to ditch snacking and chocolate but I know if I can get through a week without being tempted then I find those cravings subside.  For the last 4 weeks I've been trying and failing because really, I wasn't trying hard enough. So here I am back on the forum for support and with renewed determination. I have 12 weeks before I go on hols so hoping to lose a stone or more so clothes are more comfortable. I love seeing all the inspirational posts xx


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  • I am trying to keep to 1400 - 1500 cals a day but I too am a great snacker and nibbler; I have a screw top jar full of cereal (Apple Crumble Wheats at the moment) which I dip into occasionally for one or two little pieces when I need to crunch on something!  I also eat Oranges and Bananas as mid-morning snacks, and use cup-a-soups and low-cal Hot Chocolate drinks too.  Other ready snacks can be dried fruit (takes a while to chew) and even a bowl of homemade coleslaw.  I have a low-fat and low sugar chocolate cake in the fridge for those "must have cake" moments and a fridge full of 10 Cal Jellies!  I do try and count the odd snack when I have it, and I don't have all of these in one day. The thing to note is that it is all in the forward planning....!  Good luck with your eating plan leading up to your holiday, which should be a good motivator for you.

  • Thank you DD X some good snack suggestions. Half of the problem is just mindless snacking once home from work and in the evening. If I can set new habit of not snacking at all then I will be pleased but defo starting off with healthier alternatives. Easter bunny had a lot to answer for! Grrrr! He needs to stop bringing me chocolate at 41 yrs old 😬

  • DD has some great ideas there!  I agree about that home from work, hungry snacking while dinner cooks, danger zone!

    I think forward planning is the way to go, I can't ditch snacking altogether though.

  • Re Easter Chocolate .....Wrap it in 10 sheets of clingfilm and hide it at the bottom of the freezer.  Tell yourself it is just a lump of brown fat after all!!

  • I'm eating late tonight as I am going to a friends.  Cooking for the children at the moment and desperate to eat, so I've had a few breadsticks dipped into low fat humous.  It's a handy snack, can dip in carrot sticks etc.  A healthy little mouthful to tide you over when cooking.....

  • The 12 week plan may not suit you because its low fat, high carbohydrate content can leave you feeling hungry, making it hard to stick to the low calorie counting in the long run.

    An alternative, that many people seem to find it easier to stick to, is the low carbohydrate, moderate protein, high fat diet such as in the free online 10 week Low Carb Program on the website.  You need to eat the right sort of natural fat.  I like olive oil in home made salad dressings and loads of real butter on vegetables (not the spreadable kind because that includes processed vegetable oils).

    Talk to your doctor to make sure there is no reason you should not try the low carb approach.  I found that some dieticians were not very well informed about the low carb approach, but I have subsequently found some who confirm that it can work well for many patients.

    I reversed my type 2 diabetes about three years ago and control my weight easily without feeling hungry or having to count calories.

  • Hello Emjkitty 

    A stone in 12 weeks is a nice sensible target 😊 I cannot do being hungry or feeling deprived 😕 But am doing ok, slowly slowly, and really enjoying extra exercise 😊 Good luck! 

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