Cut out carbs & seen a result

NHS buddies,

I decided to cut out carbs to see if that helped me, I was just staying the same or gaining over the weekend, weigh in this morning & lost 2lbs..... Now I have done al lot of reading up on this and understand what do do (I think) what I've noticed is that I am not hungry which men you are half way through the menopause you are always hungry!!!(well I am) so I WILL continue this over the w/ end.....which is going to be difficult because I'm out for lunch Saturday & evening with friends for a mea, but will have in moderation.

Any one else cutting carbs ?  I have been using the Authoritnutrition site  for help. 

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  • I cut carbs, or let's say I reduced carbs (I haven't gone the whole hog yet and would find it very difficult, I think!). It seems to work. I've lost 3 stone and am now just within the healthy range. I'd like to lose another stone just to get well within "normal", but have basically been maintaining since November. Too many holidays in between where I gain. Then I just get it off and something else comes along. But I'm not too bothered, I'm pretty sure that with low carb and exercise it will shift at some point. There's a lot of information on the Internet - maybe an expert will come along and give you the details. I'm just playing it by ear. 

  • Sound !!! Yes I agree cutting out carbs completely is hard,

  • It was my basic principle and I've lost over 2 stone in 16 months or so.  Bit stuck at present; I am also in (at end of, it's hard to know!) menopause. Thought it was nearly done but apparently not.  

    Thinking about, reducing carbs works.  I also actively ate more protein.  Chicken breast, tins of fish for lunch (I like them, I know many don't). 

  • Frankie53

    Great advice & thank you, this has confirmed my thoughts/reading up,

    Did you follow any low carb plan ? Or just your own ?

  • Glad you have found a solution 😊 Enjoy your weekdnd

  • Hi June

    I've been following a moderately low carb diet for a while and have found it works very well. Have tried going ketogenic, but find that a moderate level seems to suit my health better. I've managed to lose about 2 stone.

    I also find that the Authority Nutrution site is really informative and helpful.

    Good luck, hope you can carry on losing.

  • Penel,

    Many thanks for the feed's great to hear you are happy with the plan and have lost weight, I also use that site and agree very useful.

  • Glad that seems to be working for you June, Ive not cut them out altogether but I do try to eat less of them. 

    Interestingly, I have been on two cruise holidays in past year and not gained any weight . I think is because there are so many healthy choices on the menu, I have almost no bread or cereal or pasta when Im away ( eggs, fruit , ham etc for breakfast ) , and I choose main courses that are very light on  the carbs eg meat or fish with more veg.  Which leaves me more "room" for the bubbly !! 😁😁😁

  • elliebath 

    Great feed back also........ And I'm liking the bubbly part the most!! Lol,

    So I shall do the same and report back, 

  • I have just started a low carb Ketogenic meal plan, (I'm on day 3). It's to stay under 20g of carbs per day. It can be tricky because I obviously don't want my kids on this diet so I'm cooking two meals a lot of the time. I don't know how it's going to pan out, but will keep you updated 


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