2nd week down and settling in

Different week with my husband back from a visit home and armed with many edible caloric gifts from home. I knew they were coming and enjoyed every single one. I planned on sticking to the highest daily calorie amount which worked. Still lost a pound. Did well on walking and ok on 5 a day. Planned ahead for a more focused week 3 so I don't slide into old habits. I still have a treat a day. Am hoping that will wane with time but I am concious of doing some changes at time having falling off the healthy eating wagon so so many times before with an all or nothing approach. So here's to week 3 and good luck to everyone.


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11 Replies

  • Well done for losing a pound. Sounds like you are getting into the swing of it now. I try and plan my meals for the week and have to encourage husband to not bring home any treats. Good luck for week 3 :)

  • Yep, it was a one off but could so easily be a landmine in falling way off the wagon. I've shopped for the first four days to refocus again. Thanks for your support. Much appreciated.

  • I think the planning is essential and you need to have some foods you like so take your time with the treats...little steps. I'm having low calorie hot chocolate for my sweet treat which seems to work for me.  The changes you make have got to be ones you can live with and only you know that. You are doing well...wishing you a good week xx

  • I find its usually around week 8 when I start to slip , once I have lost a decent amount so this is a crucial week for me , I am determined to be motivated at gym and stick to my healthy eating routine. Also hoping for another loss at weigh in tomoro that should spur me on . A little treat is needed from time to time I think it helps as you are not completely depriving yourself , as long as it is occasionally .Well done for losing 1 pound tho. 

  • Thanks. I knew the treats were coming and really enjoyed them. Just readjusting the mindset back to somewhere a bit more moderate. I love oval tune chocolate lite. That takes the edge off. Thanks for the heads up of week 8. I'll be on the look out.

  • Oh no I am on week 7 and can feel a wobble already. Glad the sun is shining today so it may encourage me to go out for a walk.  Hope you have a good week.

  • How did you get on? 

  • Err no walk as yet.  Too busy being taxi service for kids and doing 3 lots of washing and supermarket shopping :( But have stayed within my points for the day so far although dinner may have to be a bit light tonight as I was hungry and just ate 3 biscuits :(:(

  • What a clever week.  So great when we finally learn to think and plan our way out of trouble!   Went for dinner with friends who made a real effort to fit in with our current low carb diet.  Shame they didn't hide the wine.  

  • Smiling about the wine...

  • I was so chirpy, because I didn't wake up with the deserved mega hangover.  All that red wine.  But it arrived as the day progressed.  Not had a hangover for years.  Just shows you what eating healthily and mindfully does for us.  

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