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Which exercises are best for weight loss?



So today I checked my BMI and have seen that I am overweight and so am going to start exercising and eating more healthily!!

I am very new to this so it would be great if anyone could let me know about what exercises are best for weight loss? Are some better than others? 

Thanks x

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Gonti10 kg

Honestly best exercise for weight loss is going to be activities you can learn to  enjoy a and as you get fitter there should are be lots of them.  Before you sign up for the gym and for classes,  permanently get more activity into your normal life. 

Start by examining your daily commute to work and if necessary seeing if you can add (more ) cycling or walking into that . Also look at how you spend your work breaks and lunchtimes and try and get some (more) movement - maybe chatty walks at lunchtime, hourly stretches at your desk. 

NHS live well website has wonderful five minute stretching programs and a really excellent five week strength and flexibility program: these two resources really turned things around for me.

I also recommend cycling, learning to swim properly, weightlifting, gardening, spinning classes, childminding for toddler and above all things that you want to do. 

Sunshine_xoxo in reply to Gonti

Thank you so much that was really helpful!

I will definitely check out that strength and flexibility programme that sounds really good.

Do you do any weightlifting yourself? I have been looking at other people's posts and a lot of people seem to be suggesting it but I would have no idea what I am doing aha! 

Gonti10 kg in reply to Sunshine_xoxo

After false start with C25k I found that weightlifting worked really well for me because at the time I was really too heavy to walk or run and I had lots of strain, sprains and injuries. 

I completed the 5 week strength and flex program -can be done from home or a park. Then I got advice from a physio and then finally joined the council gym thirteen months ago. 

I got a free induction, started by using the machines and very soon afterwards using the mats for stretches, bends and then planks push-ups, bridges. I learnt a lot from watching others and from you tube.  I am now doing free weights, working on chin-ups and press ups but I can now get out and about a lot more so I am also doing loads of fast cycling and jobs around the house. I am a completely different shape, I have dropped four dress sizes, much more energetic and much stronger and bendier. 

Lots of parks have weight machines in them. Dumbbells are quite cheap to buy. I also recommend buying a £3 skipping rope and some resistance bands. 

Sunshine_xoxo in reply to Gonti

Congratulations on dropping four dress sizes!

Thank you very much! x

Thank you! I am going to join the local gym next week x

Gonti10 kg in reply to Sunshine_xoxo

Igood luck with that, I would love to know how you get on ! 😉

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