Was doing so well

I have lost 3st and was nearly into my next stone range when for whatever reason I started my bad habits again. I stopped keeping a track of what I had been eating and found myself snacking on crisps (my downfall always) and biscuits and sweets, actually in fact whatever I could get my hands on! The result being nearly a stone back on. I am so frustrated and angry with myself. Just spent the last hour writing menus for the week ahead and reminding myself to get out and walk. I know I can do it as I was doing so well before. Good luck for the week ahead :)


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14 Replies

  • Well done for getting back on track, writing menus and thinking about getting out for walks. You clearly know what you have to do so I am sure you will get back into it and will lose that stone again in no time. Best of luck.

  • You have proved to yourself that you can do it 😊 I am sure you will do it again 😊 

    Onwards and downwards

  • Thank you for encouraging words. Love your phrase"onwards and downwards" will think of this when I am tempted 😊

  • Not my phrase actually, it's the HU one 😊

  • I am exactly in the same boat as you. Together we can do this. Get back on the wagon. 

  • definitely we can. Lets do it. 😊 Keep me posted how you get on 😁

  • Yes we will do it together! 

    Will do!

  • It is great that you are tackling it now, before it gets an even bigger problem (been there, done that, sigh).  That is a sign that you are beating the weight loss for good. 

    Don't be too hard on yourself, these snacks are really so heavily advertised, whether it is on the high street, on tv, at social events and at the supermarket, it is no wonder they are our downfall.

    Your planning and new resolve will do the trick - go for it!

  • Thank you the motivation. Snacking is so easy especially when I'm bored but going to try to tell myself they usually give me heart burn and that is horrible 😁

  • I know the heartburn alone should put us off snacking. Good luck I'm sure you will be back on track. Well done for planning ahead.

  • A fear that I think we all face :-( What if I fall of the wagon?) You have shown us all what to do - "dust yourself off and start all over again" Go for it this week :-) John

  • Thank you. Going to give myself a good talking to and remember how terrible I felt about gaining weight and how wonderful it feels to lose it😁

  • Be kind to yourself - you did really well in the past, and you will again - tomorrow is another day and a anew beginning, and you are already planning ahead for it, so well done you! :)

  • Just to reassure you, we are in the same club.  I actually got to goal and then immediately put about 10lbs back on which I am really struggling to shift.  And if I look back at my pattern of loss, I always had a hiccup before breaking the next stone barrier.  I think we have spent so long saying our lives will be perfect when we are at goal weight, that we panic at the milestones.  Somewhere deep inside me there is a little voice saying "so I have to be perfect, now?"   A friend says that those last lbs are the ones that have been around the longest and they love us the most, so hang around.  I always managed to get over it by changing something about my diet.  I often went back to the food plan for one of my most successful months and repeated it.  This did work.   Our bodies are a bit strange and they aren't always on the same diet page as our heads.  You've already made your menu plans and planned a daily walk.  Well done.  I've only got as far as the menus, but I might manage the walk later today.  Hope your week goes well.  Let us know how you get on at the scales.  

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