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I stopped for while because of stress and now can't start

I stopped a few months ago as I was stressed and has family issues now I'm on anti depressants and feel ready to try and start again but finding it hard to get back into it as I have 2 children that don't gain weight so always need snacks foods like biscuits crisps etc to help them put the weight on and a husband that has diabetes and needs carbs I just don't know how to start my doctor said about helping with gym membership but still waiting just don't know where to start now I ain't gained loads but I have. Started binge eating any tips and advise be brilliant 

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Oh it's hard with everything else you have on your plate right now 😕 Perhaps a good start would be planning healthy meals that everyone can eat?   lots of fresh Spring veggies coming into the shops soon, nothing wrong with carbs but perhaps switch to whole grain? (You may need to watch your portions) With two young children you are probably very active but a bit of extra play outside will boost your mood as well as increase fitness. Even small changes can make a difference. 😊

Lots of help and info on here 😊 Recipes etc 

Good luck


Hey Emma,

I am sorry for your situation. 

Stress is never a good leader, but I'll tell you something. I'm on antidepressants too, my mom has diabetes, and her partner always brings sugary evilness home, I used to binge on them daily, I could sit with them drinking beers in front of tv, binging on chips, sandwiches and chocolates, gaining and gaining and becoming more and more unhealthy. 

There came a day (last Sunday to be exact) when I was eating incredible amounts of food for the whole day (literally), filling myself up to the point when I started feeling pain in my chest and couldn't breathe. My face, hands and feet became red and puffy, i literally felt like I was dying. I knew that it's time to put a stop to this, so i searched through the internet and found this forum, decided to join and here I am, feeling lighter, healthier and happier than ever, even though it's just my 3rd day.

Have a separate shelf in your fridge where you will keep your healthy goodies, and tell your family that you're back dieting. Be confident and say "no" when they offer you a treat. Come on, they are your family, they will understand. Or at least they will get used to it. Think of how your husband will look at you when you'll change. Think of how proud of yourself you will be when you'll get back on track. Exercise, breathe and don't push yourself forward if you're not absolutely ready for a change.

Healthy food can be yummy too! If you want, check my healthy lunch recipe here: healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

Don't give up. Good times will come! I''ll keep my fingers crossed for you. Best of luck!


I'm hoping I can try and stick with it I use to substitute the carbs for veggies but it gets awkward i use to use this site loads but gonna wake up tomorrow and try have a new outlook about dieting I use to be so positive and now it's hard to be but making a stand tomorrow 

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Breathe! :) Trust the process. And most of all believe in yourself!

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Hi Emma-and,

Welcome back!  I know you used to join us in the Monday group weigh-in, so maybe re-join us there if you still like the support of a weekly weigh-in.  If you want to re-join, then just add a post into the latest link, and you'll won't be too late for the stats, as I'm doing them on the weekend.  I can put you down as a re-joiner, and you'd be very welcome.  Alternatively wait till Easter Monday and join in then, but no obligation to re-join either, as it's only if you think it might help.  I just wanted you to know you'd be very welcome.  :-)

Also, have a good look through the Pinned posts to see if there's any Challenges you'd like to join in with.  You can do exercise at home, via free videos online, or enjoy walks outside in the fresh air - whilst you're thinking about gym memberships - I know your GP has offered to support you with one of those, but in addition there are so many ways to exercise, so choose the one that feels best for you.  A walk can really help sometimes.

Maybe try the NHS 12 week plan as a good framework, if you've not tried it before.  It is helpful and has some good advice and structure.  You can access it via the icon above, labelled Weight loss NhS.

Hope you have a great week Emma, and it's great to see you again.  Good luck with everything.

Lowcal :-)


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