My first healthy lunch (recipe)

My first healthy lunch (recipe)

Maybe it will inspire someone who doesn't have an idea of what to eat today. I don't know if there's any separate recipes thread, if so feel free to redirect me.

For this one I used:

- 100g sweet potato (80 kcal) smeared with half tsp olive oil (20 kcal), grilled on a pan

- 40g zucchini, grilled (6 kcal)

- 100g skinless boneless and fatless too :P chicken breast, dry fried (100 kcal)

- 50g millet groats, cooked (175 kcal)

- 5 cherry tomatoes (100g, 15 kcal)

- 25g spinach leaves (5 kcal)

401 calories in total and look how much of food is that!

I am more motivated than ever.


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10 Replies

  • That looks sooo good! Thanks for posting x

  • That looks totally yummy mamiyou :)

    This is probably the thread you were looking for, please add your recipe to it :)

  • Scrumdiddilyumptious that's what that is! 😊

  • Hi Mamiyou,

    This is a delicious and colourful lunch - looks yummy! There's a recipe post in the Pinned posts area, but I think Moreless has given you the link.

    Great that you're feeling motivated, and hope you have a lovely week.

    Lowcal :-)

    p.s. Great that you've got a photo of your meal, and I've added you into the main body of the thread, to showcase your meal idea. Hope that was ok!

  • That's totally fine with me Lowcal! :)

  • Wow that looks fabulous, do you deliver? :-) John

  • Do you pay? :D

  • I have to admit I love a colourful plate of food and this is certainly that. Quick question though, what are millet groats - I've never heard of these before?

  • Kind of porridge grains which look and taste simillar to quinoa. :)

  • I think I made a mistake and 40g zucchini will contain around 13 calories but that's not a big difference :)

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