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Can't believe I am nearly there now!


My starting weight last October was 15stone 6lbs and to be at the highest end of healthy for my height I should be 9stone 6lbs.

Well....... On weigh day yesterday I got my first 9 on the scales!!

9 stone 13lbs!!! Only 7lbs to go!!!!

It is mind blowing to think I have lost 77lbs!!! 7lbs to go seems like a tiny drop in the ocean in comparison!!

I do have a birthday and a short seaside trip coming up (and yes I'm going to love having cake, seaside chips and donuts!) So I will go up before down again but I am pretty certain I will reach my goal by September!!

It doesn't seem long ago at all that I thought it would be a miracle to just get to 11stone! It truly is possible! And I eat all the foods I enjoy! I just calorie count and exercise!

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LythamSuper Host 3st 7lbs

OMG ! WHOOP WHOOP ! That is amazing and gives us all hope ! :-) x


Oh my goodness you are amazing wow wow wow

So thrilled for you 👍👍👍👍👍

Joanney695st 7lbs

Woohoo CrimsonMama, that's fabulous news 😍🎉 well done 😊

It looks like you need a new badge 📛 too 😉



Well done you! Fantastic result so far!

Wow. Just wow. This is so inspiring CrimsonMama , thank you for sharing. I hope I'm able to say the same as you next year!! Huge congratulations to you!! Enjoy every success :) Fx

It's been a privilege to watch your progress CrimsonMama and I'm so chuffed for you.

Your birthday and seaside trip are clearly going to be very enjoyable.

CrimsonMama in reply to Tiggerr

Thank you Tiggerr! Its my daughters birthday this time coming up. We are going to visit The Hellfire Caves and probably get a BurgerKing on the way home. She is going to be 13!

Tiggerr15kg in reply to CrimsonMama

Happy Birthday to your daughter and if I were to choose a burger it would be a BK.

Carastro3 stone

Amazing weight loss, really well done.

Wow that is truly fantastic! Congratulations. You’ve obviously worked really hard. You should be so proud of yourself x


That is great

Bravo!!!!! Brilliant you rock


that's fantastic, enjoy the birthday and seaside and know youl get them last pounds off. Well done !!!!


Amazing! Well done you! All the hard work has really paid off 💪🏻 Keep it up.

Have just got to my eight months maintenance of a five stone loss, so I can share your joy. It’s totally changed my life for the better. And yes, you can eat what you want, you just have to be honest with yourself and sensible. I couldn’t do without my minimum half an hour a day exercise now, it’s just part of who I am. Good habits certainly can stay with you if you want them enough.

Kudos to you 😊

CrimsonMama in reply to Zaq12wsx

That's it exactly! It kinda feels easy now as I love my food and meal plans and my exercise is just part of my day to day routines. I love getting outside, whether its to run, walk with my music or playing with my daughter. I watch way less TV than I used to and get so much more achieved in a day than I used to when I just sat watching TV and stuffing my face lol. I've had many more days where I feel a deep contentment and happiness even though my life isn't perfect.

Its very nice hearing from a maintainer! That's going to be a whole new journey for me I am sure!! Eight months is impressive!

Zaq12wsxMaintainer in reply to CrimsonMama

You’ll smash it, you already have! Just carry on the way you are and you’ll be fine. I really began my maintenance about three months before I was scheduled to get to goal. I suppose it was in my head at the beginning. Being able to maintain the weight loss and doing achievable exercise each day goes hand in hand with the lifestyle change which was and still is, my mentality.

And my mantra?

If it’s important enough you’ll find a way, if it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.


Well done, you are a star. I think it unlikely you will regain your weight now as your chosen diet has become part of your lifestyle. As one who has achieved their target, I would advise keeping about four pounds short of your upper limit. This will give you a little breathing space for times like holidays or Christmas. When you have taken weight off gradually, you only gain it gradually, so it is easy to get back on track. Give yourself a pat on the back and some more new clothes. Yay!

Yeah 9.6 puts me on my healthy bmi but I was planning to keep going until 9.4 or *gasp* 9 stone! Which once seemed so so impossible but now seems totally achievable.

I am fairly confident about maintaining ... But know it will something I need to keep an eye on always! I've worked too hard to ever want to let the weight pile back on again!

MadmellyGT4st 7lbs in reply to CrimsonMama

You sound so much like me. I started In January 2017 on here and lost 3 stone by the August. (I had already lost a couple of stone 2 years b4 with the help of a health trainer through the doctors but then I started putting weight back on again. I was originally 12st13. I got down to 10st10, then in the January I stepped on the scales and my weight had crept up to 11st3, that's when I decided enough is enough.) Anyhoo. In the January, I decided to try to get down to 9st which I thought would take me forever. It didn't, it only took me 6 months!! I got to 9st and wasn't happy at that so I kept going. My lightest weight was 8st but I really struggled to keep it there. I was happy at 8st3 to 8st5. Unfortunately though, I broke my ankle in July last year and was out of action for 4 months and I still haven't got back into working out. But I am managing to maintain between 8st7 and 8st10 so I'm happy with that for now. I will get back into it eventually. Lol. I also lost the weight with calorie counting and fitness but I think the main thing that kept me going was all the support on here and my weekly weigh ins to keep my accountable. 😊

henderslhWorking at it

Wow that’s amazing CrimsonMama 🎉🎉🎉

Oh gosh that’s awesome, you have lost more weight than me in a similar time period!!Well done, how do you plan to keep it off ?👍🏾

The tricky part is going to be switching from losing weight to getting the right balance to not lose or gain! I will probably start by adding 100 calories a day to allowance and watch the scales to see how that goes! Eventually I should.. In theory... Be able to have upto 2000 calories a day. Which will seem like a mountain of extra calories compared to my current levels! But I cut my calories slow and steady so I will increase in the same way!

I am sure I will be around here reporting in the results lol.

That's amazing, YOU'RE amazing! Well done!

Brilliant news and a great plan to get in the 9s. Inspiring! Thank you for sharing

Well done CrimsonMama,

Amazing going , inspiration to us all.


OMG that is amazing, you are amazing. Well done you. 😺xx


Fantastic amazing what can be achieved when you put your mind to start to enjoy life again. Paul

Well done crimson mama!

Well done you. What has been the most help to you along the way please. I am starting out at 13.9, want to get to 9.3.

CrimsonMama in reply to smallday

Heya smallday. I think the most helpful thing has been keeping a kind of food bible/diary. I make lists of snacks under a 100 calories I can pick from and meal plans so I don't have to re count the calories everytime I choose my meal. I also reassess my calorie limit based on my bmi and plan out how many calories I can have as I allocate more on my weekends and less on my weekdays. I am very attached to my book! Lol.

smallday in reply to CrimsonMama

Thank you.


Absolutely amazing

Good morning from a very hot Spain.

That’s the kind of post I like to read first thing.

Thank you for sharing and inspiring the rest of us to keep going. You must be so thrilled and well done to you as you are the one who put in the hard work, made all the right changes and choices and here is your reward 9.13. Wow.

Enjoy every bit of birthday cake, fish and chips and donuts. It’s that 80/20 principle.

Best wishes.

Hi..I've just joined today and yours is the first post I have seen.I think this maybe fate as your start weight is exactly the same as I am today. Well done in all your hard work and being an inspiration that it can be done.Looking forward to my own adventure with hope now.

CrimsonMama in reply to Miss-Cat

Oh that's really good! I am happy my post was a positive one for you! It can certainly be done and is not all that hard! Just make changes slowly so they become normal for you rather than trying to change too much too fast!

I began with the 5:2 diet and walking briskly for 30 mins a day and that was enough to make real physical changes! Now I calorie count daily and exercise around ten hours a week. But I could never have done that right from the start!


Amazing, well done ! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Hope you have a lovely seaside break xx

Donron6st 7lbs

Well done CromsonMama. Your inspirational. I have been on the same journey but your progress towards your goal weight has been quicker than mine. It’s taken me 15 months to loose 6.5 stone and I’m still 2 stone away from my goal weight. It’s going to take some time to get there as weight loss is slow now and it’s a good week when I loose a pound. Like you I find that exercise is a key working synergistically with diet in terms of weight loss. Unlike you I do restrict my diet somewhat and avoid easy carbohydrates (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) but pile on the vegetables and berries.

CrimsonMama in reply to Donron

Your doing brilliantly in my book Donron! And just the weight you have lost already will have had a significant improvement on your health! Its certainly not a race but a journey!

Just one thing, excuse me if you already know this or do this, but do you check in after every so many pounds lost to recheck your calorie allowance? I use the NHS bmi calculator and stick to the lower limit of my calories which mostly gives me a 2lb a week loss?

Donron6st 7lbs in reply to CrimsonMama

Rather than base calorie allowance on BMI I base my allowance on energy expenditure aiming for a deficit of between 500 and 1000 calories per day. I wear FitBit Versa and it works out my energy expenditure. It does this through my logging of exercise and heart rate which it monitors. I log my food and thereby calorie input using MyFitnessPal - the FitBit and MyFitnessPal are linked and share data. Using this method I can eat more when I exercise a lot. Even using this method I try to avoid empty calories (refined sugar and alcohol) and easy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, pastries and baked wheat flour items). I find that if I include easy carbs I gain weight irrespective of calorie deficit (possibly due to fluid retention).

CrimsonMama in reply to Donron

Its interesting the different methods people use! I tried a fitbit-style watch once but I didn't feel it was taking accurate readings. I record my food and exercise on the fitbit app but ignore it saying I can eat more because I've exercised more.

Once on maintenance I might be more inclined to use that as a guide!


Absolutely brilliant post and bloomin’ well done. Sounds like you have this cracked 😃

Well done 😀 enjoy your treats

Your an inspiration for sure CrimsonMama 🎉🎉🎉


Icandoit2019Restart Nov 2020

OMG how incredible!!! You’re amazing and put me to shame! I’m constantly up and down tho this week is the first time I felt in control. I too wanna reach 9st 6lbs last week I was 10st 4lbs. Not too far behind you, hope we both succeed!

Enjoy your birthday and have fun!!

You can do it! Just think of all your hard work before you reach for a treat! And how much work it is to undo! Lol. That usually makes me think twice before going over my calories!

Icandoit2019Restart Nov 2020 in reply to CrimsonMama

I certainly will thanks for passing on the tips very appreciated x

WeakwillednomoreRestart Nov 2020

That is fantastic CrimsonMama!

dawnz2st 7lbs

Massive congratulations!! You must be so happy and proud of what you have achieved, well done!!

good job !

Diane21st 7lbs

Wow wow wow. I began end last November at what I thought was 15st 7 but my scales were out by 8lbs so in fact was over 16st and now am just under 13st so to see your results is really encouraging! If I can get to 10st 7lbs I'll be a healthy BMI so just need to keep focused and keep going . Thanks so much for sharing your journey & all best with this next phase of maintaining!

CrimsonMama in reply to Diane2

Yay! Happy that my journey can help others too! People at work are definitely thinking harder about losing weight after seeing that I can do it!

Your over half way! Just keep going and time will fly! And don't forget to reward yourself along the way! After 4-6lbs I buy myself a new tune for my playlist and love when I am exercising and the new tune comes on! My collection has certainly grown!

That's absolutely fantastic!

Amazing, you lost a lot. Enjoy your birthday to the fullest.

Inspiration to us all,

Nearly there,enjoy your trip and birthday.


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