Friday weigh in

Last week 12.7st, this week 12.6st. Glad it's a loss even if a small one. Slightly changed the lunch menu to the tasty veggie (green) soup which was a nice change. Been busy at work so out alot which meant not always an option to eat healthy when it's a quick grab of whatever is available. Next week we are going out for dinner one evening mid week so already working my way around that. My philosophy is to enjoy the evening and try and compensate in the day. Here's hoping it won't affect the next weigh in. I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺


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14 Replies

  • One small step for woman .. Well done .. 1lb a week for 28 weeks is two stones

  • Thanks. Absolutely. Hopefully it will continue ☺

  • Hi Juliet,

    Great result a Ib is a Ib 😃. It is hard when we have to eat on the run or out, but you sound like a woman with a plan so go for it !! Enjoy your dinner, it's about getting the balance right eh ? Life would be so boring otherwise😕

    The sun is shining here and I'm meeting a friend for lunch so a good day ahead, oh and I'm down 1 and 1/2 Ib ( at last a shift !! )

    Enjoy your weekend and anothe fab week, onward and downward 😃


  • Well done Flossie ☺ Did you try some new recipes? I hope we continue to lose. It's hard though with life though but as you say we need to have fun. Have a good weekend ☺

  • Thanks Juliet,

    Did a bit of basic cooking, made a tomato sauce and stuck it in 4 pots and in the freezer. Like you I made some soup, an old weight watchers veg soup with some added lentils.

    I also rediscovered cottage cheese !! 🤔 and cut back on bread and snacked on fruit instead of the odd biscuit !!

    We will do this 😃


  • I have just had a biscuit or two... 😕 think it's that Friday feeling. All sounds good. Keep up the good work !

  • ONLY a pound? I know we all hope for more each week but a pound lost is a pound lost :-) So well done especially as you were out a lot last week. Enjoy your evening out next week and try and make sensible choices from the menu and fill up with vegetables, have a great weekend :-)

  • Thank you ☺ Yes sensible food choices is the way forward! Have a good weekend ☺

  • It sounds like your tactics are very sensible and working for you - well done!

  • Thank you ☺ It has worked up to now but slowing down lately has brought on a rethink. Hopefully I will lose more soon.

  • Hi Juliet,

    Wow, that is great that you've had another loss this week, and Congratulations on losing 1 pound. Your tasty veggie green soup sounds good. Somehow 'green' always makes me think of healthy things. :-)

    Hope you enjoy your meal out next week, and I like your philosophy of enjoying the evening and compensating in the day - I think that will be really effective! It's finding what works best for yourself, and I wish you success for next week's weigh-in. I'll look forward to catching up with you, and in the meantime, have a lovely weekend!

    My week is going ok so far, and I had a meal out in an Indian restaurant last night. I did choose reasonably well - and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    I'll see what happens when I weigh-in on Monday, but I think it will be ok.

    Wishing you a great week ahead.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, your support means alot on Fridays. It looks as though you are doing really well too so congrats. It's so tough when you go out not to fall into the same old choices (or drink too much!) But the feeling of being healthy really compensates. Have a good weekend ☺ and enjoy the sunshine !

  • Well done Juliet on losing a pound this week :-)

  • Thank you ☺

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