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Exercise when having poor mobility


I have very reduced mobility, for last 12 weeks I have been in wheelchair completely non weight-bearing. I had major surgery on both legs.

I've been given the go ahead to start Physio again. My muscles are wasted so it's going to be slow, but I go back to hydrotherapy tomorrow, I'm so excited.

Obviously being sedentary means less calories in (1,100) which is a challenge .

Is there anyone else with these issues? ♿️♿️

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Hi, I have arthritis in my hip so I cannot exercise much, and to be honest I hate exercise anyway. But I have lost 40lb since July with diet alone so it is very doable.

Good luck with the diet and I hope you will be up and about soon.


If you have access to you tube there are some fab workouts that you can do sitting down. My favourite one is an overweight American man (none of those stick women in leotards lol). There are several on there. Just remember start slowly and build up. Have fun 😉


Thank you, I will take a look


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