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I have been in Manchester for a while looking after my Ex Mum in law who has had hip replacement surgery, and had my own Mums internment too. It has been a long and tiring time, emotional too. My walks have been short and a bit monotonous along the same stretch of paved bypass following the Manchester Ship Canal, even the poor dog was fed up of the lack of fields and scenery I think. I have come to the conclusion that, though spending the first 30 years in cities, I am a country girl at heart. The relief when I pulled the car up my drive at midnight last Sunday was immediate - I was home in every way imaginable. Today is my last day off work and I am going to make the most of it, Alfie and I are packed up with lunch and water ready to hit the fields and woods - how we have both missed our wonderful 'lead free' walks. There will be a fair few kms clocked up today for the ATWI80D challenge too, yay!!!

It is also good to be following my own food plan again too. Meals have been rather plain and limited of late, Mum2 uses a lot of processed and frozen foods and wasn't wanting any variety really. So apart from homemade soup most days ( I am fed up with soup at the minute - never, ever thought I would say this) with hunks of white bread, meals have been if the 'pie and mash' variety. I did weigh myself yesterday, though I promised myself that it would only be on the first of each month, I have stayed the same. Frustrated relief is all I can say really. I have 2 weeks to kick start the weightloss again.

Last night I made some yoghurt with my new Easiyo yoghurt maker bought from the QVC shop in Birchwood, Β£9.99 and just Β£2.99 for a box of 8 mixes to go in it. Each mix makes 1kg of yoghurt for less than 40p at the price paid. I picked up 6 boxes, so am well supplied, lol. Just got to find somewhere to store all the boxes, eek. So breakfast this morning was a bowl of the yoghurt sprinkled with toasted oats and hazlenuts and topped with raspberries and a drizzle of honey. It was GORGEOUS. Lunch is my packup of chicken salad and a slice of banana cake. Dinner is to be a veggie stirfry, chow mein style.

Right, I'm set and the dog is quivering in excitement, the great outdoors is a calling. Have a great day everyone. 😊


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  • Hi Shellie,

    Lovely to hear from you, sorry life is still proving tough but now you are home take some time for you and AlfieπŸ˜ƒπŸΎπŸΎ

    Relatives do have a way of interfering with us !! When my cousin was over at Xmas the amount of processed food bought and eaten was staggering ! We need this wake up call so when we are back to our own devices and eating plans we so enjoy basic healthy eating πŸ˜ƒ

    I am still struggling, I had a low grade pneumonia and ended up on steroids feeling like an oompa-loo particulate, I've not been weighed for a couple of weeks but feeling really sluggish and 'heavy'. Appetite is back and feel like I'm eating for England!!

    Still doing dog walks but they are slow, pedometer is not registering any aerobic activity, that's how slow we are going !! Lol

    So today I've decided to take myself in hand and get back to a more healthy structured routineπŸ˜ƒ

    Enjoy your day


  • Flossie, it seems tough times are being felt by more than myself! Having had pneumonia more than once, I know how horrid it can make you feel and how long recovery can be too. Take things as steady as you can hunny, as you seem to be doing. Pushing yourself too hard will take you back not forward, ultimately more frustrating. The steroids have a habit of giving too much of an appetite, unfortunately they are a necessary hazard though. You will be on top form again before you know it Flossie, much love hunny 😊

  • Thanks Shellie for your kind words, much appreciated xx

    Felt a bit low today and I hate giving in to feeling sorry for myself so took myself off to the library, it's ages since I just sat and read.

    Today have managed to eat regularly but healthily so that's a start !! Might even have a weigh in on Friday ??? Bit scared but it's got to be done ! Lol

    Take care

    πŸ˜‡ xx

  • Whatever the scales reveal, remember your health is priority. I do hope they are kind for you though. Gosh, it has been about a year since I went to the library. I used to go quite regularly and should still. Use it or lose it as the saying goes. 😊

  • Glad you're able to get back to normal after a very difficult time. Enjoy your day!

  • Thankyou Carolee, I have had a lovely day. Appreciated my warm fire and comfy sofa all the more afterwards I can tell you, lol. Blimey it was cold and windy in the open. 😊

  • It sounds like you've triumphed against adversity... again! You're such a fighter ShellieL. Glad to hear you're happily back in your favoured environment, and not suffering any gains, even if there are no losses so far this month. We're only halfway through the month though, and this period may have jump-started your metabolism, so don't lose faith - it may well all turn out good. Enjoy your walks, yogurts, chow mein and generally happy home. Looking forward to hearing more soon :)

  • Thanks Ruth. The dog and I were out for 6 hours today, we arrived back home cold and tired but feeling exhilarated. I lit a fire in the back room and curled up with a book and a cuppa. Bliss. Simple pleasures are always the best things in life. How is the running going? and the job? Hope all is well with you. 😊

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