Oh why oh why are weekends so hard. I always manage to control my eating and drinking mon - fri evening then 5pm Friday I am like a child In a candy store!!! I eat and drink Carling like there will never be anymore my willpower just goes them I feel really sad and deflated on Monday - any help grateful received to turn the vicious corner thanks sad jo 😥


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7 Replies

  • Poor sad Jo, cheer up, it could be worse. So you had a bad weekend, forget it now because it's a new week and a chance to get it right. So put the past behind you, focus on the week ahead and plan what you are going to do differently this weekend.

    Why are the weekends such a problem? Do you eat and drink more at home or are you out being sociable and led astray?

  • Me its both out and indoors never one or the other sad really.

  • I totally understand Jo because I'm the same. I weighed myself on Friday and I'd lost 1.5lbs since Monday, over the weekend I managed to regain 1lb of that, still a 0.5lb loss but I'm so annoyed with myself

  • It's horrible isn't it - you have still lost which is good going 😄 My weigh day is tomorrow who knows what that shall be x here's to a good week x

  • Jo i've just broken the "weekend pig-out" habit myself- so it is possible.

    Maybe you could plan measured snacks and drinks using your allowance for Fri/Sat & Sun if you choose and then when youre ready- cut down snacks to two days or even one?

    Some people on here find that having a snack/treat daily helps and initially that worked for me but now i find that anything with sugar (alcohol included) just sets me off on a pig-out so after cutting out daily treats i just kept to weekends and now i'm down to one treat on a friday or a saturday- and believe me it tastes amazing now and i really look forward to it.

    You can do it- just believe its possible then get planning : )

  • Thank you I think I will do that set myself an allowance and only have that amount . Congratulations on your success I look forward to having the feel good factor you have now 😄

  • Trust me i know how down right demoralising that feeling of being out of control is, but it can be changed even for those of us who had convinced ourselves we were failures and would always be overweight.

    The feel good factor is waiting for you... grab it with both hands- its yours for the taking : )

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