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When I was looking for low fat recipes I came across the Hairy Dieters books. I am a foster parent with two teenage children. Because of my recent Gallbladder removal I have had to go on a low fat diet and I cook meals from scratch most days. These books are brilliant, very easy, use ingredients that are usually in your store cupboard and show calories per portion. I done five so far and me and my kids love them.


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6 Replies

  • this is my favourite recipe :-)

  • Looks really good. Shall try it next week as I'm already cooking a whole chicken in my slow cooker today. It comes from 'The Skinny Slow Cooker' another good low fat recipe book.

  • I am going to have a look at that :-)

  • Love the Hairy Bikers!

    I had my gall bladder removed 4 years ago and was told to eat a normal diet. No need at all to eat low fat!! Anyway, I follow a no sugar or refined carbs diet and eat quite a lot of healthy fats- butter, rapeseed oil and olive oil. Love cheese and meat. I eat whole grain bread, rice and pasta occasionally. And, of course, tons of veg but not much fruit except for the odd apple or satsuma. I also enjoy wine and beer on a regular basis.

    I have lost over a stone in the last few months cutting out sugar.

    Isn't it odd how one surgeon will say one thing and another gives you completely opposing advice?!

  • Hi, yes when I left the hospital they don't tell you anything. I was still feeling sick every day so I decided to check the internet. After reading loads of stories I changed my eating to low fat I feel a 100% better. My diet is similar to yours but I do eat a lot of fruit. The weight is falling off me.

    Had an incident last night though. Because I'm not sleeping that well I took 2 Codeine at 9 pm. At 10 pm I had to call 111 because of the acute pain and I didn't know what to do with myself. They called the ambulance,I rang my sister to come and watch the foster children to be told I was allergic to Codeine. I was in agony for hours but it eventually wore off. What a scare, I imagined all sorts of things that could have gone wrong with my op. Anyway, no more Codeine as well.

  • I'm terribly allergic to codeine too!! Poor you. What a nightmare you had last night. X

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