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First uncontrolled meal since new year!

Last night we went to friends for dinner. Old friends but only recently reconnected. The meal was served up and handed out, and I didn't feel I could say 'tiny portion for me please'. So I decided to just eat and enjoy every morsel. It's noticeable how much this was a 'mindful' act, and how my mindset generally these days is to treat my consumption as fuel. Only put in what I need. Or hopefully a bit less. I feel as though I'm confessing! I walked home from work first (4 miles) to pre-burn some of the calories. And I had one glass of wine. Lovely night.

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I think weight loss shouldn't mean denying yourself everything and not taking part in social events. We'd be a right miserable lot if that was the case! Glad you enjoyed it!


Hi Knitsandcodes,

I completely agree with JaySeeSkinny, that it's great to hear you enjoyed your social event, and the lovely meal with your friends. You enjoyed every morsel, and you enjoyed spending time with your friends, it's a lovely thing and part of life - denying such things would make life a very dull place indeed!

Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Lowcal :-)


Yes I agree. Most of my socialising revolves around a meal. Luckily not too many invites out this time of year. I am only 2 weeks in on the nhs plan but I'm already recognising the more healthy choices I need to make. And doesn't food taste great when you are not shovelling it down.


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