Dry Dry Dry!

So...I made it! This is day 14. At the moment I am feeling confident that I have this aspect of my health under control.

The last couple of days have been easier as I have been so poorly but still I haven't turned to anything for medicinal purposes either!

I have a few girls' socials coming up and I have already planned to abstain.

So .... goal: reduce alcohol - tick!

Thank you to everyone who has cheered me along my journey so far - I will keep you updated!


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17 Replies

  • Yay - congrats! I hope abstaining helped you get over your cold quicker, and hope you're generally feeling the benefits. Very much in awe of anyone who can completely cut out alcohol :)

  • Thank you!

    Well done to you too! 2 dry days last week was such an achievement! Are you going to do the same this week?

    How are you doing ignoring the wine and rationing the cider?

  • Yep 2 dry days last week and 1 the week before. Also on the days I do drink it's a half bottle of cider if that, so I'm not exactly hammering it. Although I did have a couple of events where I had a bit more. Last Saturday I had 3 wines, but I was out, so that was okay, and Thursday I had a beer and a sake, again I was out. But by not allowing wine in my flat I'm definitely keeping my units down to about 12 a week. I still want to get back to the 6 a week I was managing during the 12 week plan. I think maybe aiming for 3 dry days this week will help :)

  • Great work!

    Go for 3! Go for 3! You can do it!

    My husband always says the more dry days he has in a week, the better the drink tastes when he has one again (I have never really given my taste buds that option before!)

  • It's true - definitely. And you don't necessarily go overboard on the days you do drink. I also get more done in the evenings when I haven't had a little something, and I also like to think I'm a bit brighter the next day too. Okay - 3 days it is for next week. Don't start thinking I'm building up to 7 or anything though! :)

  • Ha ha! Delighted you going for 3 and I promise I won't push for a 7!! 😊

  • I'm doing Mon-Thurs off the booze, which this week was easy as my husband was away :)

    I ran on Sat morning after 2 glasses of rose wine on Friday night, and felt decidedly sluggish. Makes me wonder why I bother really ... but I do like a glass of something every now and then ... Last Jan I did the whole month, but it was very boring!

  • I'm on day 24 and I agree it is very boring, especially the first couple of days when some people still have decorations up and are still inviting you round for drinks. I'm quite used to it now though and not long to go.

  • That's great asics - well done :-) I hardly ever drink at all (i.e. will sometimes go months without a drink) - mainly because I got fed up with the dull head the next day. But up to about 10 years ago I did used to be quite a heavy social drinker and often would drink a glass or two of wine after work even when at home.

    I don't feel like I miss it at all - so just to say really that it might seem difficult now to think of not drinking, especially when out - but when you get used to it, it really does become easier :-)

  • Thanks Lucca! Thanks too for the personal story,these really help with my motivation.

    I am hoping alcohol will be resigned to my bag of things I used to do but cannot imagine doing now (smoking, drinking strong tea by the gallon.) 😊

  • Well done I am so pleased for you :D

    As I've said before I have been doing Dry January and even though I didn't drink much before I am even less bothered now, so it does seem to work in reducing your desire for alcohol.

    Perhaps this will help you change your attitude alcohol in the long run and reduce your overall consumption to the point you can just enjoy the occasional guilt free drink - I am sure that is you aim anyway.

    Go you :)

  • Yes one day my aim would be to enjoy the occasional,good quality drink. However at the moment I am enjoying the clear head and the lack of 'regret' in the morning.

    I am off out next week with some friends to a sports event. My friend with the biggest car is driving and everyone is giddy about having a glass of fizzy when they get there. But as you say sueper I am just not bothered.

    To me it seems a silly time to have a drink, but of a waste of a unit or two. So I will be drinking fizzy water and know that that will be so much more pleasurable!

    Thank you for your support! 😊

  • Everything's possible Asics and you are living proof of that :)

    I'm still waving my pom poms and in awe of everything you've managed to ditch in your quest for a healthy lifestyle!

    WTG you! :)

  • Ahhh! Moreless! Thank you for your wonderful cheerleading and pom prom shaking! It makes all the difference to my journey. 😊

  • Well done. It does become normal.

  • well done re booze! I was going to abstain for a week but it was son's 55th. birthday on wednesday so I gave in. I can always find an excuse.meeting friends today and I will hopefully desist from alcohol. well that's the plan:=)

  • Wow fantastic 14 day dry! Just proves the point if there is a will there is a way!

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