This cold sucks!

This week has been awfully for dieting. I'm possibly the only person in the planet who gets hungry with a cold. Have never once lost my appetite through an illness!

So have been constantly hungry and unable to exercise, this is a terrible combo. I've tried to stick to the healthy food but it's been tough as I have also had two long days at work while being drained of energy.

Not expecting goo things from the scales this Monday.

Most remember this battle is won one day at a time and even if this week wasn't great there's no reason why next week can't be :)


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7 Replies

  • So sorry to hear you are poorly. But that's the attitude Catmay!

    If you are not well you must wait til you feel better and then take it one day at a time.

    Just try not to do what i do and once decided there is nothing I can do til next week, go wild and indulge myself this week!

    I too am poorly at the moment but the type of illness I have, for once, I am not being lured to the naughties.

    Get well soon! ☺

  • Oh get well soon asics! Glad you're not being lured...

  • The old saying is 'feed a cold, starve a fever'; sounds like your body agrees.

    Have you tried a low-carb breakfast for fat soluble vitamins and appetite control?

  • Catmay you are not the only one who gets hungry during a cold! Its very human actually, so don't feel too weird about it! Hope you get back to your normal self soon :)

  • Poor you, but trust me, most people feel hungry (especially for the wrong foods) with a cold.

  • Thank you everyone!

  • You're not the only one, Catmay. I had to rejig the heating schedule at home and put extra socks on plus my furry boots. To sit and watch TV. I doubled my lean protein and my veg. So not sure if the warmer temp has taken me back to normal or if it is all my precautions. I'm sure this is one of those inherited with the genes reactions. And mine were obviously in the cave overlooking the glacier, having come from somewhere damp and green previously. Don't know about you, but with me it's the feet and ankles that freeze. Occasionally the hands. But at least I can keep those warm by wrapping them round a mug of tea! Thank goodness for bed socks. Hope that's not TMI.


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