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Monday weigh in

I didn't have time to do this yesterday... ok so it's been my 2nd week of being a bit healthier. I lost 2.25 lbs this week (unlike last week when i only lost one) But i didn't lose anything off my waist (ok so it's only 76cm so no biggy!) but i lost 13cm off it last week! I'm now 9st 13lbs! I'm not sure i will get to 9st as i'm now thinking it might be a bit too small for me. I'm only 5' 3'' but i enjoy weights and exercising so i figure i'll always weigh a bit more than if i didn't do weights.

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Well done Lill dragon - sounds like you have had a great week. Being a "bit healthier" is itself worthwhile - any weightloss that comes along as a result comes along. I love weightlifting too...


Well done on your lose of 2.25 lbs :-)


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