2 Things has pissed me off

Me again.......grrrrrrrr

Two things have tried my patience this morning

Got on the scales to try and kick myself into doing something

And YES I have put on another 4 lbs !!!! So I am now 10.1/4lbs.. And over Sunday lunch yesterday my front tooth ( Veneer) has fallen out....I think I swallowed it, so now I have a ruddy gap and an awful discoloured tooth to deal with, more money!!!!!!!!!😏🤑

I'm not happy at all........ & need to get my positive head back to sort this out.

( writing this down helps)


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9 Replies

  • That sucks!

    Sorry to hear you have had such a bad start to the week. And yes bashing on the keyboard CAN help :)

  • Oh June,

    Sorry you're having such a torrid time. Apparently today is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year so you're probably not alone in having a bad Monday...not that this bit of news will make you feel much better...sorry!

    In the words of the song - Things can only get better!

    Wishing you well June.

  • hi June its sounds like your having a bad day, sorry to say but we all have them, must admit i haven't many teeth to lose, but when i thing goes all hek goes with it, i hope things improve and i wish i was 10 1/4lb i would be jumping for joy sadly i'm suck at 21 stone 10lb but i am 6 ft 3 inches so it does look to bad for me. take care all will be right you see your friend Alan x

  • Alan,

    Many thanks for your kind words, it's much appreciated xxx

    I'm 5.3 so being 10 stone.....is about 10lbs to much for my liking,

    But I will sort myself out with both issues..........

  • hi June 5ft 3 your a little Diamond then, my left leg weighs 10 stone but just 10lb you want to knock off, well let see if me and you try to knock that 10 lb into shape i'm game if you are take care you know where to find me if needed Alan xx

  • Thank you 😎🤓

  • hi June your very welcome take care Alan xx

  • Bad luck about the tooth, but deal with that first and you'll feel loads better even if it is expensive ( I know, I just paid a grand for a front crown!)

    Weight is not everything, I bet your measurements havent even changed!!

    And this 4lbs ...is it the difference over a month, or a week, or just over the weekend?? Cuz if its the latter (which I suspect it might be) then its unlikely to be body fat in any case!!

  • elliebath

    You always manage to help feel better !!!! Thank you xx

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