Just for today, Sunday

Making these daily pledges is really helping me to focus on what I need to do and it seems to be helping some of you to remain mindful of your commitment to yourself.

I really need to be consistent about my eating as I seem to be all over the place as far as healthy food goes.

So today my pledge is to eat healthy for the whole day.

Just for today.

Whats yours?


If you made a commitment to yourself previously how did it go?

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20 Replies

  • Hi Dave,

    Have you written out a meal plan for the day? It may help you stay focused too :)

    My pledge for Sunday is to keep the snacking under control - been oversnacking the last few days!

    Enjoy your Sunday :)

  • Hope you are keep those snacks at bay. Yes I have a meal plan I just lack willpower but its 7 p.m. my time and its shaping up as a good eating day :)

    Have a good one

  • My pledge for Sunday is to eat only my planned meals, no picking. I have found that since I hit my target weight I am allowing too many little treats to creep back in and this is how I got fat in the first place. Can't go back there

  • Thats a great pledge - and so true, its how I put back on 50 kgs...one little treat at a time!

  • Hi Dave

    my first pledge was to go to bed by 10. I am exhausted and going to bed too late. I figure that can hinder both my decision making and my motivation. Tick worked.

    The next day i experimented... it was to eat clean. Tick!

    So. My dry days are going well and

    I feel that maybe new habits are forming.

    When I started my healthy new year I did say I would tackle small goals one at a time to form habits and be mindful in the areas I hadn't got to yet.

    For example my eating is also not really good enough yet to seriously lose weight but I am no longer being siĺly.

    I have realised if I want fix my sleeping it must be the focus of my pledges just now. My pledge will therefore be the same every day this week and maybe next week too until it is truly a habit.

    So for today, Sunday, I will be in bed, light out for 10.30.

    Good luck Dave with yours today and thank you so much for introducing this idea to the forum. 😊

  • I hope you can get your sleep sorted because being tired leads us to so many bad eating decisions and exercise always seems that little bit harder. Hope your day goes well :)

  • Thanks Dave. You're quite right! Here's to a good night's sleep. 😪

  • Hi Dave, my pledge is to stick to my eating plan today. I lost 45lb since July 2015 with another 15 still to lose. But I lost the plot over Christmas and I can't seem to get back on track.

    Losing weight is in the mind not in the stomach but I am struggling to get into the right mindset. So maybe one day at a time will help. Have a good one everyone.

  • I guess it's like anything. Much less daunting in small chunks :)

  • Hi Dave,

    I'm really happy to see the 'daily pledge' challenge here today, and thanks so much for posting it. I wish you success with your pledge to eat healthily today and it's great that you've got a meal plan ready.

    As you know, I did manage to do my squats and press-ups etc, although it was tough! I set myself too many, but I 'made' myself do it.

    Today, I will be out visiting a relative this afternoon, so I will pledge to turn down any offers of cake - as this is a feat and a half to achieve, as I know I will be offered numerous things whilst I am there - so I need to have my 'resolve' ready and practice polite ways to decline.

    Here's to a good day ahead, and I hope we all achieve our pledges for today. It's fun reading everyone's pledges.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I'm glad you are enjoying it. I hope you managed to shun the cake!

  • Hi Dave, hope your healthy Sunday has gone to plan! I like the sound of Asics' early night. I went to bed early last Sunday and as a result my whole week started off well. So I'll try the same again today. Lights out by 10:30 for me too. Just for today :)

  • It really does make a difference doesn't it? Had a great sleep last night and my favourite thing was that I woke just before 5:00 a.m., stopped myself from getting up and actually slept in till 7:00 - amazing for me!

  • Hi Dave,

    Kept to my pledges, even yesterday with a heavy cold I took myself off for a long walk snow and all !! I was feeling really twitchy by 11am !! 🤔

    Today I pledge to not over snack, I find Sunday's always difficult, don't know why!

    Enjoy your day, it's freezing here so I'm going to bring all my pots in from the garden and try to save my geraniums!😃

    Oh for some warm sun!!


  • I am SO proud of you for doing your walk despite the cold and the cold!

    Well done - hope your Sunday went well.


  • Thanks Dave,

    Sunday did rubbish, felt awful and had a couch day but feeling loads better today😃

    Have a good week


  • Mine is to try that eating window again. Managed it Friday. Failed with honours yesterday. For some reason needed toast at 1 am. Hmmmm . Starts again.

  • I pledge to keep my snacking under control at work. That means I will ration out what I'm allowed at home and only take that to work. Pledge is for Tuesday, will be in meetings most of Monday and will have to concentrate. Won't have time to think about food.

  • Looking forward to hearing how your window went :)

  • Aaaah, good job I didn't pledge for today as there were too many biscuits during my meeting and far too much snacking. Suddenly realize I have to organize my healthy snacks for tomorrow NOW if I'm going to keep my pledge. No time tomorrow morning

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