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I am new to this site and I have been checking the calorie counter, this has confused me already :)

can someone explain please Wholemeal Bread

QuantityServing sizekCalFat(g)


Toasted, Wholemeal Bread, 1 Slice

QuantityServing sizekCalFat(g)


Does this mean that I can have 100g per sitting

Sorry to confuse anyone


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Hi and welcome Collieman :)

For simplicity, a slice of wholemeal bread is about 80cals. You're given the weight (100g), because you can get different sized slices of bread, so a large thick cut slice isn't going to have the same number of calories as a small thin slice.

There's a difference between bread and toast, because toast is lighter, due to the water being cooked out of it.

The weight isn't a guide to how much you're allowed at a sitting, that's up to you and your calorie allowance :)

Here's a link to our newbie welcome pack. it's full of useful tips :)


Hope this helps, all the best :)


Spot on advice as always Moreless!

I've found that most wrappers on pre-sliced bread do actually have the calorie value per slice of bread.

If this helps, on our white thick sliced loaf...the pack says 100g is equivalent to 2 slices, which would be 250 calories.

Calories aren't an exact science, I treat them as a rough guide to help me stay on track and it seems to work. So, if I didn't know the exact amount of calories in any bread I was eating (for example if I had an sandwich at a friend's house), I'd rather over-allow than overeat. So I'd just say, ok, I know that I'm pretty safe to allow 250 cals for 2 slices of any bog standard sliced loaf. If it was unsliced and I was going to eat a doorstep sized chunk, I'd just try to imagine how many normal slices stacked on top of each other it would make and multiply it by the 125 cals per slice. Btw, the doorstep bread ain't gonna happen - lol! It's just an example.

This is probably obvious, but if you are having a sarnie, don't forget to add cals for any spread, mayo, sandwich pickle, as well as your meat/cheese etc as they can really add up! Also beware of bread rolls...they might seem smaller but I seemed to find they usually have more cals than a slice of bread.

It seems a bit complicated at first but once you get into a couple of weeks doing it I'm sure you will be a pro. I took the time to work out what calorie content was in various family meals we always eat and have documents saved with the amounts so that I can just open the doc and see exactly what's in, for example, our usual "fish meal" for dinner. A bit fiddly at first but it has saved me a ton of time in the long run!

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LOL! I started drooling at doorstep! :D

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Lol! In the past, I'm amazed I didn't dislocate my jaw getting my chops round some of the doorsteps I carved from unsliced loaves!

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I used to be guilty of making what we called in our family "dagwoods" - a sandwich with as much as possible crammed between 2 thick slices of bread! I would guesstimate the depth of them being no less than 6"!! :D

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Wowwwww...knife and fork job, for sure!

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Not when you're a gannet, like me! :D


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