Shake it off!!

I just wondered if other folk feel the same...I've struggled with my weight for years and it's ballooned lately so that why I'm on here doing the plan, weekly weigh ins and 80 days around the world! I had a bit of a knock to my confidence yesterday, I bumped into a couple I know and i haven't seen them for years and I looked dreadful, had no make up, not my nicest clothes and looked very round around my middle! I've been feeling good since new year doing the challenge but as soon as I saw them I instantly felt the first thing they would comment on was how much weight id put on and it put me in a negative headspace! I thought isn't it funny how other people's opinions can affect us and put you from high to low in seconds....I did manage to shake it off and thought does it really matter? It's how I feel about me that's important and I feel so much better for taking action and changing my lifestyle to make healthier choices....I hope that if anyone else feels the same at times about other folks opinions that you shake it off too and realise that it's how you feel about yourself that matters the most :)


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  • I completely understand am the same but no one can make you feel anything. Only you make yourself feel. Ultimately it's how you were feeling inside, they might have just been happy to see you again. Keep feeling good. Losing weight is hard. I've made it a life's work but doing something about it makes me feel good. Keep on trying - we are all behind you cos we know what it's like.

  • Thanks Florence, this is such a good forum for getting a bit of support :)

  • Hi Caz,

    Did they actually make a comment re the change in you,or is it those are your thoughts about yourself ?

    I think we all have vulnerable moments especially when we are not a feeling our best. It sounds

    I think you did the best thing and tried to put those thoughts to the back of your mind.

    Maybe re think the situation and be ready for the next time you bump into folk and are feeling vunerable😃

    You must feel ready to make changes as you here with all of us and what you need to tell yourself everyday is what a good person you are and you deserve every good thing that comes your way💐

    I never leave the house without my lippy on !! Even walking the dog, well it makes me feel better lol

    Have a fab week and do something really nice for yourself.


  • Thanks Florence for taking the time to reply, I really value the support from folk on here it's such an encouraging place to be! Thank you :)

  • Take care


  • Hi Caz, you're doing way better with your self esteem than I am, but I'm working on it :)

    We each of us have a rational side, that knows it doesn't matter what people think , or say, and that it shouldn't affect us as long as we're happy in our own skin.

    The irrational side is so down on ourselves, that we project those thoughts and feelings onto others and automatically react negatively.

    This has taken a lifetime to develop and isn't going to disappear overnight. I'm better now than I was, but nowhere near where I want, or need to be.

    I suspect that we'll both improve a little every day and positive reassurances help enormously :)

  • Hey moreless, it's so true that we have both rational and irrational thinking I can flip between the 2 quite quickly!! I think k the support on here helps enormously and you put so much effort into responding to everyone's comments on here that I just think you are amazing!! Thanks for all your support, your positive attitude is inspiring:)

  • Thank you Caz, I'm just paying forward the wonderful support and encouragement I've received and hopefully you and other newer members, will do the same. That's why this forum is such a nice place to be :)

  • I completely get you - I have actually completely avoided people in the last year or 2 while my weight has ballooned.

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